What You Get from Our Service:

  • Client-Specific Strategies and Tactics
  • Individualized Campaign Build Out and Execution
  • Regular Reporting and Rock-solid Analytics
  • Ongoing Keyword and Competitive Research
  • Tailored Seasonal/Holiday/Sale Plans

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Opportunity Review

The return on investment has been excellent.  And what really impresses me is that these people are very friendly.  They don’t treat me as a number, they treat me as a person and I have direct contact with everybody I need at the company.  Every time I have an issue or something new to implement, it’s group work and we help each other to grow the Leonisa brand.

Victor Yacaman

Ecommerce Director



The market can turn on a dime, as can your competitors. Even rivals you’ve yet to identify lurk in the shadows, awaiting their opportunity to pounce. Companies of all sizes have been defeated by avoidable missteps in strategy or execution.

You understand as well as any: there’s no rest for the weary. Your ecommerce marketing operations must fire on all cylinders just to carry out the top-level execution of your marketing plan. The “in-the-trenches” execution of your strategy instantly doubles the complexity of your marketing operations.

That’s why we’ve come to the front lines of the ecommerce battle. Paid search campaigns function as the proving ground to validate the merit of every hard decision you’ve made which has led you to where you are today.

Paid search has long since advanced beyond a straightforward combination of keywords with ads and bids. Success requires immersion in ever-changing features & technology behind strategies and first-mover tactics.

Whatever your current management method, vital importance of your paid search channel warrants high levels of scrutiny. Even the highest paid search spenders usually falter on the details. Details are everything. This is where the war is won or lost, to the common tune of tens of thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend and unexploited opportunities. In our experience, common mistakes are just as likely to occur in an AdWords account spending $10,000 per month as in one spending $500,000+ per month.

Our Process

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Mutual Fact Finding

Unless we’re able to meet at an event, an informal call is often the first step. This brief exchange gives us both a baseline of familiarity from which further conversations often follow. This initial call typically involves discussion about whether you’d benefit from a complimentary Campaign Opportunity Analysis.

Opportunity Analysis & Assessment

Your Campaign Opportunity Analysis will give you a sense of how we approach ecommerce digital marketing.   This conversational meeting consists of a live, “over-the-shoulder” review of your AdWords account via a secure GoToMeeting session.  This format often uncovers common campaign configuration issues, hidden money leaks, and unexploited opportunities to grow your paid search profitability.

Based on the outcome of this first-stage analysis, we may suggest a follow-up meeting for a more in-depth analysis of your account. This complimentary follow-up analysis includes bulleted recommendations you can use whether or not you partner with us. We’ve found this is the best way for us to quantify the value our expertise and technology can bring to your digital marketing program. In cases where we’re able to clearly demonstrate net profit growth far exceeding our fees, we conclude this meeting by extending an invitation to become a client.

In-Depth Onboarding

Upon acceptance as a client, our partnership officially begins with a kick-off call where we clarify essential roles, internalize your goals, and agree upon our collaboration and reporting cadence. You’ll be introduced to your dedicated Google Analytics technician to ensure a rock-solid implementation.

During the onboarding process, you’ll quickly discover our intense, ongoing curiosity to understand the nuances of your unique business, competition, products, and company culture so we can truly function as an extension of your team.

We’ll align our resources to deliver incredible value and an overwhelming sense of urgency. We pride ourselves on our speed of execution for our clients.

Campaign Analysis & Management

Your business goals become our mantra. Through the collaborative work of your ROI team and empowered by our advanced proprietary software, you’ll experience profit-lifting campaign performance on an ongoing basis.  We love what we do. Your success drives our passionate intensity.

How do we attain such consistently strong results? All of our analysts receive rigorous, detailed training via a mix of internal education modules and job shadowing.  This gives our analysts the bedrock of understanding required to internalize both big-picture strategies and in-the-trenches tactics. There are no shortcuts. Your success demands that we stay at the top of our game, confident enough to outmaneuver your competitors through our innovative work across ad formats, audiences, and paid search channels.

Strategy Review & Results Reporting

The strength of our partnership is maintained through consistent communication and regularly scheduled, agenda-driven Strategy and Results meetings. In these meetings, we’ll uncover insights and discuss recommended strategies going forward. These meetings also provide an opportunity for you to convey relevant business information such as changes to your goals or promotions. Your strategy call will conclude by reviewing the action items required to further advance your account performance within your business goals.

Behind-the-scenes Technology

Proprietary, In-House Software Suite

The intense level of expertise we’ve developed in ecommerce digital marketing has been applied directly to our substantial, ongoing investment in technology. Over 25,000 man hours in the last three years alone has gone into the development of our proprietary, API-driven software suite tailored to the particulars of ecommerce. This gives our analysts the speed and efficiency to perform laser-focused campaign reporting, build-outs, and optimizations across multiple ad formats, campaign types, and advertising platforms.

Paid Search Management Pricing:

Percentage-Based Fees
We succeed when you succeed. We manage accounts that range from $10,000 per month to $750,000 per month or more. The table to the right breaks down our fee structure.

Have an additional web property you want us to manage?
Your billing rate will be determined based on your combined monthly ad spend across all ecommerce properties under a single point of contact. The normal minimum management fee of $2,975 is increased by $1,000 for each of your add-on web properties.

Not a Retailer?
Download the pricing table for SaaS and Lead Generation, managed by Demand Fuel, a separate division of ROI Revolution.

  • Your Ad Spend
    Per Month
  • $750,000+
  • $400,000-$749,999
  • $225,000-$399,999
  • $175,000-$224,999
  • $125,000-$174,999
  • $75,000-$124,999
  • $25,000-$74,999
  • $19,835-$24,999
  • Up to $19,834
  • Full-Service Management & Technology Fee
  • 5% of Ad Spend
  • 6% of Ad Spend
  • 7% of Ad Spend
  • 8% of Ad Spend
  • 9% of Ad Spend
  • 10% of Ad Spend
  • 12.5% of Ad Spend
  • 15% of Ad Spend
  • $2,975/mo minimum

Optional Services

Product Feed Optimization

Given the data-hungry requirements of ecommerce digital marketing platforms, your shopping feed itself effectively becomes your advertising.  Even so, the complexities of shopping feed optimization keep many merchants from investing themselves beyond applying a few rule-based modifications to get their feed approved.  Yet there is much greater potential for growth if you’ve invested in high-level software and smart, technology-skilled analysts. Learn more about our Product Feed Optimization Service.

Offline Conversion Tracking

Proper attribution is the cornerstone of all advertising optimization efforts.  Our proprietary BITS software closes the loop to track offline sales back to the original traffic source – down to the keyword level.  For a one-time setup fee, our analytics engineers can implement our BITS tracking solution for your specific back-end processes and goals.  Depending on the level of customization required, this setup fee can range from $1,000-$2,000.