What You Get from Our Service:

  • Identification of Campaign Inefficiencies & Opportunities
  • Individualized Strategies & Tactics
  • Prioritized, Custom-Tailored Success Plan
  • Execution-Ready Road Maps
  • Ongoing Access to Our Top-Notch Industry Expertise

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our Consult Team

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The changing Google landscape and competitive insights have been valuable. The team does a great job looking for the best opportunities for conversions and search volume.

Jennifer Rivera

Digital Marketing Manager

Tafford/Chief Supply/Lydia’s Uniforms

Accelerate Your Ecommerce Success

Our Digital Consulting Services are designed to support in-house digital marketing teams spending $250,000+ per month on search engine marketing. Our team of experts engages with your team to deliver actionable insights aligned to your priorities and business agenda.

If you’d like the benefit of our expertise to help accelerate, validate, refine and/or extend what you are doing, we need to talk. As the premier digital marketing agency for leading ecommerce brands and retailers, we will apply our 15+ years of experience across 300+ clients to help you build specific strategies, tactics, skills and approaches to fuel your digital marketing.

What to expect from our consulting services:

  • Our experts will dive in “head first” to understand your unique business, goals, challenges, and opportunities.
  • We will ask hard questions, review processes, test assumptions, and highlight what is and isn’t working through data-driven analysis.
  • You will feel confident knowing that a prioritized success plan and road maps with recommended strategies and tactics grounded in best practices is a deliverable based on our due diligence.
  • You’ll receive a summary and detailed communication of our learnings and suggested approaches to make sure you are getting value from our efforts.


Discovery Sessions

Our primary goal during initial discussions is to better understand your business goals.  Discovery conversations proceed only if it’s clear there’s a strong fit between your needs and the value we can deliver.  If so, we’ll clarify what is needed (such as timely access to data, people and processes) to connect the dots and get a clear “on the ground” view of the current situation and desired state.

Pre-Strategy Day Workstream

We’ll conduct in-depth account audit & on-site job shadowing

Based on the outcome of this first-stage analysis, we may suggest a follow-up meeting for a more in-depth analysis of your account. This complimentary follow-up analysis includes bulleted recommendations you can use whether or not you partner with us. We’ve found this is the best way for us to quantify the value our expertise and technology can bring to your digital marketing program. In cases where we’re able to clearly demonstrate net profit growth far exceeding our fees, we conclude this meeting by extending an invitation to become a client.

Strategy Day

Over the course of a full day of face to face meetings with your key staff and resources we engage in discussions which typically include:

  • Account audit summary findings with relevant drill-downs
  • Technology Recommendations and demonstrations
  • On-site team training
  • Issue specific breakout sessions based on your desired outcomes and what we learned throughout our review

Tangible Deliverables You’ll Receive:

  • E-Book of findings and recommendations
  • Success Road maps
  • Executive Summary with Key Takeaways and Participant Survey Results and Feedback (approx. 1 week post Strategy Day)

Tailored Consulting Proposal

The Strategy day will unearth opportunities and highlight key next steps, but it’s all about the follow through and execution. While the Strategy day may be sufficient to get you started, our goal is to be an extension of your team and help you work your plan.

To support this we will provide a custom proposal blending consulting, development, and technology to reflect the recommendations and next steps of the Strategy Day.


For more details on our Digital Consulting Services, including our pricing and guarantee, fill out the form above or call us at 919-954-5955.