COVID-19, Ecommerce, and Your Brand

Live, Interactive Roundtable Discussion

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On top of pressing health concerns, brands across the globe are bracing for the supply chain and revenue impact from coronavirus (COVID-19).  

In this webinar, we’ll be sharing ecommerce marketing strategies to help guide your brand through the current crisis. We’ll also be answering your questions LIVE! Additionally, we’ll cover:

  • How supply chain disruptions are affecting digital ad spend and what to do about it.
  • The expected long-term ecommerce shift and what it means for brands.
  • Low-risk, revenue-boosting campaigns to maintain and gain market share.
  • How to thrive – not just survive – in a post-corona world.

You can transform this season of uncertainty into a season of growth. Industry-leading brands are proactive, not reactive, to the world around them. 

Register today to see how your brand can stay ahead of the curve.

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Date: Wednesday Apr 1st

Time: 2PM - 3PM EST