Avoid a Google Shopping Disaster

3 Cold, Hard Truths About Automation

The promise of “set and forget” Google Shopping management solutions is a powerful one for retailers, but far too often we see organizations who believe this promise – only to be shocked with the negative outcomes.

What is automation’s place in a healthy Google Shopping account? While some retailers have seen success with automated bidding and campaigns, automation can quickly waste money and tank ROI if you’re not careful.

These disasters can be avoided with the right information and management practices in place.

This web clinic was hosted by two of our expert account managers – experts who have had to unwind Google Shopping management mishaps, mistakes, and outright disasters as a result of account automation.

Watch this replay and you’ll learn:

  • Google Shopping horror stories we hope you’ll never be able to relate to – and learn from others’ mistakes!
  • Which Google Shopping tasks you should never automate.
  • Key ways to efficiently and profitably manage your Google Shopping.
  • “Set it and forget it” danger zones you must be hyper aware of in your Google Shopping account.


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