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4 Seller Secrets From Amazon Veterans

Presented By:

Rachel Shelton

Sales Development Manager


Mike Ewasyshyn

Marketplaces Team Lead

ROI Revolution

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More product searches start on Amazon than Google. With incredible revenue opportunity comes intense seller competition.

Existing ecommerce merchants have a built-in advantage over Amazon-only sellers, but only if they can discover & master the proven elements of successful marketplace selling.

Veteran sellers tend to consider many of their success tactics to be “common knowledge.” Even so, most suffered expensive trial and error on the path to acquiring this knowledge. This web clinic is your 45 minute shortcut.

Amazon will be co-hosting this web clinic as we present “secrets” new marketplace sellers can use to stack the elements of the marketplace equation in their favor.

Join Amazon’s Rachel Shelton and ROI Revolution’s Mike Ewasyshyn on this web clinic to discover:

  • How to exploit a little-understood feature of paid product promotions to rank higher organically in Amazon.
    (Hint: Your boosted organic rank remains even after you kill your paid ads!)
  • How to quickly spot listing issues & keep the orders flowing.
    (We’ll give you the tools to confidently solve common problems.)
  • Data feed “gotchas” that will push your products out of the game.

Watch this web clinic now to shortcut your path to profit on Amazon.

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