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ROI Revolution has dedicated a significant amount of time and energy into developing specific digital marketing technology applications to help us work more efficiently and give us access to deep and meaningful data. We can track how weather affects conversions, transform messy data into relevant and searchable product feeds, quickly build out entire ad campaigns, and so much more!

In the last three years alone, ROI Revolution has invested over 25,000 hours into developing these marketing technology tools. The result is a technology suite diverse enough to tackle thousands of time-consuming tasks, yet concise enough to effect change on a granular level.

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Do you want to know which digital marketing channels drove purchases (and which ones didn’t)?

Your customers often have several touch points with your business before making a sale. But how do you get a handle on these different points of contact and how they affect a purchase?

Our digital marketing technology creates a second parallel universe to the Google Analytics profile, allowing us to take a wider view at the conversion funnel. While GA only focuses on last touch, our suite allows us to accurately measure every single touch point to fully map the path to purchase. This means you will actually know, not guess or hope, where your customers are coming from and where to focus your ad spend.

Are you wasting money sending visitors to the dreaded “out-of-stock” or inactive product pages?

Your business may have thousands of SKUs and a rapidly fluctuating inventory that is tough to maintain.

Our automated marketing technology platform will quickly and methodically check all of your URLs for 404 errors or other bad responses to confirm that all ads point to good, updated content.

Additionally, we can pause ad groups when products are out of stock and auto-create new groups and campaigns as inventory and product catalogs fluctuate.

Do you want to drive your digital strategies based on profitability instead of just revenue?

Determining profitability doesn’t stop with your return on ad spend. With our suite of digital marketing technology applications, we can collect the cost-of-goods-sold adjusted revenue, in addition to gross revenue.

We can use this data to set modified goals that are better geared towards maximizing profitability, not just a vanity metric like revenue generation.

Revenue is great, but profitable revenue is better.

Do want to know which campaigns are driving your phone and other “offline” orders?

Many companies still have a high dollar amount of sales happening over the phone.

But how do you track where those sales originated?

With our marketing technology tools, we are able to connect the dots between a phone call and the keywords, search terms, or ads that drove them to your website. This data can be easily transferred to GA and AdWords and is ready for instant analysis and optimization.

I am always impressed by the data our ROI teams provide using their in-house technology.
The insights, along with their expertise, enable us to make better decisions to drive
our business forward.

Vivienne So

Ecommerce Manager


The in-house proprietary technology ROI Revolution has really helped manage the account a little bit more and free up time so that they can be focusing on bigger initiatives, or looking at other ways to improve our account optimization instead of managing day-to-day bids.

Stephanie Lin

Marketing Director

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