Case Study – Swing Set Mall

Swing Set Mall Increases
ROAS by 33% Through Google Shopping

Learn how Swing Set Mall, a retailer that offers safe and affordable play equipment online,  partnered with ROI Revolution and saw over 65% overall online revenue growth.  Read on for the full success story…


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The Situation

Two thirds of all Google search clicks came from Google Shopping in 2018. But for many brands, optimizing Google Shopping campaigns can be challenging, even for the most savvy and veteran retailers. This is especially true due to the constantly evolving nature of a brand’s products and the data that supports them.

One of ROI’s clients, Swing Set Mall, is a perfect example of this evolution. Founded in 1989, they have grown their catalogue to over 1,000 distinct products. With such a diverse group of products complicating their Shopping campaigns, Swing Set Mall turned to ROI Revolution with a goal of improving the quality of their product data.

Opportunity Identified

Once in the account, the team at ROI Revolution detected a series of untapped opportunities to enhance product categorization and improve campaign architecture.

“Optimizing your product data can be technical and confusing due to a lack of time and/or awareness. While setting up products that are grouped together with purpose may seem logical, it’s difficult for companies to set their website up in a way that produces data that follows that logic,” said Brennan Hall, ROI PPC Strategist

The biggest opportunity they found was with product grouping. Many of Swingset Mall’s unrelated products had been grouped together, while many others that made sense to fall in the same group were orphaned. This left Swing Set Mall at risk for decreased clicks, missed conversions, and decreased sales volume by serving up ads with products grouped together that didn’t make sense, or with the wrong products being displayed altogether.

“Most of the time, companies will simply accept the quality of the product data as is and try to make do with it in whatever state it’s in, but proper grouping is essential for optimizing bid and campaign settings.”

Our Expertise in Action

To be able to improve and optimize Swing Set Mall’s product data, the team built out a supplemental feed.

With a supplemental feed, the team was able to categorize products based on pricing, conversion rates, and purpose, so Swing Set Mall would no longer be limited by mismatched product groups and underperforming campaigns.

Within a month, the team improved the organization and structure of Swing Set Mall’s product data, resulting in improved Shopping profitability and growth.

What is a Supplemental Feed?

A relatively new (since mid-2017) option, that allows for additional data to be connected to existing product data. You can quickly append specific products with additional information, without having to update the entire product feed. You can also use supplemental feeds to bulk update any feed attribute.

Products are grouped together, receiving the same bid despite differences, and search terms triggering ads can only be seen at group-level

Products are broken out independently by differences, allowing for accurate bidding and an understanding of what search terms are performing to help improve overall account performance

Results Achieved

ROI Revolution applied its new strategy using supplemental feeds to Swing Set Mall’s account in mid-October of 2018. By mid-November, return on ad spend (ROAS) was up 33% with overall online revenue growing more than 65%! Additionally, in all of Q4, Swing Set Mall saw a 25% year-over- year (YoY) Shopping campaign spend growth, while still growing ROAS.

Increase in
Return on Ad
Spend (ROAS)

> 65%
Overall Online
Revenue Growth

Key Takeaways

Clean product data is essential. Google Shopping is the critical foundation to any successful product advertising channel. Un-optimized product data can create a confusing shopping experience for users and reduces your ability to bid optimally per product.

Structure should be top-of-mind. The implementation of supplemental feeds allowed Swing Set Mall’s Google Shopping campaigns to be much more organized, streamlined, and efficient.

“One of the reasons we love working with ROI is their ability to take a step back and assess how we can improve our strategies as a whole to reduce cost and increase return. They aren’t afraid to make the necessary overhauls of our campaigns to get us there, and this restructure was proof of that,” said Swing Set Mall Owner & President, Andrew St. Hilaire.

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