Case Study – School Specialty

School Specialty Increases Total Amazon
Revenue by 35%

Discover how an industry-leading school supply provider, School Specialty, was able to grow revenue by more than 35% by leveraging Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform).  Read on for the full success story…






Increase Marketplace

The Situation

Industry-leading school supply provider, School Specialty, has been carefully curating over 100,000 innovative and engaging products for educational ecosystems since 1959. In search of new ways to continue the growth of their online business, the brand partnered with ROI Revolution to increase visibility during their highly seasonal summer months.

Opportunity Identified

School Specialty had already established success on the Amazon platform, but still felt like more could be done. To combat competition and increase their presence on the marketplace, the brand worked with their team at ROI Revolution to test Amazon DSP.

Results Achieved

The ROI team ran a DSP flight during the brand’s prime seasonality in June and July of 2019. So, when the team started to run their DSP flight that included the overall School Specialty brand after August, they expected to see a large dip. However, that was not the case.

Even with an upper-funnel branding play that is focused more on awareness and building trust, ROI Revolution’s team of experts were able to leverage Amazon’s rich audience data for a 3.5X increase in Product Detail Page Views. This directly translated into an additional 35% increase in total Amazon revenue by the end of September, which has only continued to grow since. The performance was so strong, School Specialty eventually shifted budget away from other marketing efforts to further fuel DSP.

Increase in Product
Detail Page Views

Increased Spend
on DSP

Increase in Total
Amazon Revenue


Measure Spend Better. Amazon DSP allows for more laser-focused, targeted audiences so that you can reach consumers based on their shopping or viewing behavior.

Exclusive Inventory. Amazon DSP offers unique access to both first-party and second-party data.

 Customer Reporting. Amazon DSP offers brands visibility into device targeting and performance, as well as granular information on audiences, placements, and metrics associated with view-throughs.

 Next Logical Step. For brands finding their sponsored ads starting to plateau after a certain point, DSP is the next logical step, as it allows brands to open up more ad inventory on Amazon and directly target competitor listings & competitor audiences.

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