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PinMart Implements a Multi-Channel Approach
Causing a 39% Increase in Paid Traffic

Discover how PinMart, the leading online supplier of lapel pins, emblematic jewelry, and insignias implemented a multi-channel approach, utilizing prospecting and retargeting strategies in tandem to fuel their purchasing funnel with new prospective customers.  Read on for the full success story…


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The Situation

Built on a foundation more than 55 years in the making, PinMart has been producing custom lapel pins and thousands of new products since 1999. Today, they are the number one online provider of fashion forward and trendsetting designs of in-stock or custom-made wearable emblems or insignias.

With the majority of today’s shoppers starting their product searches online, PinMart wanted to reach consumers on all devices, at every point in their buyer’s journey. So in 2016, looking for new ways to create awareness for their products among consumers, they joined forces with ROI Revolution to build out a multi-channel strategy that would engage customers at every touchpoint.

Opportunity Identified

With the goal to reach new customers by expanding overall visibility, PinMart turned to ROI Revolution to run campaigns across search, shopping, display, and social media. To achieve a unified brand experience, the team focused their efforts on telling a compelling story at every touchpoint. They promoted cohesive messaging and awareness promotions for Breast Cancer and Veteran’s Day, enhancing the brand across a multi-channel advertising campaign that offered more engaging digital media than traditional online ads.

Our Expertise in Action

Mobile-Forward Shift:

After analyzing PinMart’s account, the ROI team determined that mobile made up roughly 40% of their overall traffic. To capitalize on this subset of their audience, the team loosened mobile bid modifiers on their most profitable keywords, looking to drive additional clicks. Additionally, the team focused on SEO optimizations such as decreased website load times and higher quality images, and also incorporated innovative ad formats such as Instagram/Facebook Stories.

Our Expertise in Action

Mobile-Forward Shift:

What are Bid Modifiers?

Bid modifiers allow your to adjust bids for specific criteria without changing the targeting of your campaign or ad group.


“When PinMart joined ROI, we were on the traditional last-touch model in Google Ads and Analytics. As we’ve grown the account profitably and focused our efforts on new customers, we switched our Google Ads attribution model to Data driven,” said Sr. Paid Search Strategist, Michelle Jereb.

A data-driven attribution model allowed the team to optimize for keywords that drove conversions at different points in the sales funnel. By leveraging our proprietary GATE technology (a first-touch attribution custom script) in Google Analytics, the team identified opportunities that were driving initial interaction with PinMart, so they could continue to grow their customer base.

Mobile-Forward Shift:


PUSH: Shopping product data management platform

GATE: Google Analytics script enhancements for reliable tracking

With access to Facebook’s click and view-through attribution model, the team could use people-based and cross-device measurement to monitor conversions and revenue, resulting in better insight to Facebook’s upper-funnel channel value. Now, equipped with both models, the team could cross-analyze Facebook & Google Analytics performance, not only monitoring attribution, but also determining the effectiveness of cross-channel collaboration through a multi-channel funnel lens.

Mobile-Forward Shift:

What is People-Based Measurement?

The steps people take leading up to a conversion or shift in brand opinion after seeing an ad.

New customer Acquisition:

In order to capture consumers at all stages, the team needed to increase the brand’s exposure across all channels. To support this effort, keyword coverage expanded, bulk orders increased, and product titles were optimized. Additionally, dynamic retargeting and conversion optimizing campaigns were employed for new customer conversions. The team improved their social reach and unique impression share by marrying aggressive branding with lower funnel campaigns, and created SEO content that focused on high volume keywords to boost PinMart’s organic performance. Lastly, the team leveraged remarketing and shopping ads in order to re-engage customers.

Results Achieved

ROI Revolution started applying its new multi-channel strategy to PinMart’s account in mid-2017, influencing their strongest Veteran’s Day performance to date in November 2018. The brand garnered long-term visibility and growth with a 14% increase in transaction volume year-over-year (YoY), and increased overall revenue by 18%. With a stronger branded presence, saw new user visits increase from the previous year by 19%, with a 37% increase in paid traffic, and an 18.79% increase in organic.

“[Our brand’s growth] is because of the ROI Revolution team’s unified collaboration among all traffic channels that allows for direct focus and success across the board,” said Josie Divizio, PinMart Marketing Team Leader.

Increase in Paid Traffic

Revenue Growth

Transaction Growth

Key Takeaways

Ensure a Unified Brand Voice. When channels work together, stories can scale, spread, and grow online with their interactive marketing objectives. Collaboration across channels ensures a unified voice and consistency across platforms and through website interactions.

Maximize Visibility with Mobile, Search and Social. The ability to share historical account learnings across channels allows for better recommendations for categorization changes and copy that supports common branding and messaging goals.

Greater Insight and New Discoveries. Working with one agency for multiple services means that there’s less chance of miscommunication, more opportunities for collaboration, and no risk that one agency will do anything to undermine the work of another.

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