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Medals of America Increases CTR
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Discover how military medals and apparel brand Medals of America increased click-through rate by 22% by leveraging dynamic customer reviews in their social media product catalog. Read on for the full success story… 


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The Situation

Founded in 1976, Veteran-owned and operated Medals of America has lived by one mission: “Honor the service, honor the sacrifice.” Currently run by a ninth-generation veteran, Medals of America has continued to strive to maintain a community via social media where servicemen and women can communicate and share their experiences. Wanting to expand their social media reach by improving their Facebook Dynamic Product Ads in creative ways, they joined the Social Media Advertising and Product Feeds services at ROI Revolution in 2019.

Opportunity Identified

In the height of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, Medals of America needed to maximize their profitability through Social Media Advertising. Remarketing through Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) had been a consistent source of revenue throughout the history of the account and showed opportunities to continue scaling, while maintaining a strong return on ad spend (ROAS). The audience sizes were consistent, but the Social Media Advertising team needed creative ways to increase engagement and click-through rate (CTR) to drive purchases on the website. 

The Product Feeds team had just implemented a feature called Product Ratings within the Google Merchant Center. This program features a five-star rating system on Product Listing Ads within Google Shopping. This is a featured program within the Google Merchant Center, but nothing similar was available on the Facebook platform.

Having all of the product reviews at our disposal, the Social Media and Product Feeds teams collaborated on ways to incorporate these reviews into Facebook ads. We knew based on historical data that retailers see about a 5% increase in click-through rate when this feature is implemented in Google, so the question we posed was, “Could we also drive more traffic to the site if we added reviews to our Facebook ads?”

Our Expertise in Action

During a collaboration session, the teams decided that our approach to adding reviews would be twofold. First, we would start by adding portions of reviews for higher-performing products. This would show prospective customers portions of real reviews left by past customers. The rest of the product catalog would show the average rating of reviews for the entire catalog on a scale of 1 through 5. Once customer reviews were imported into PUSH, ROI Revolution’s proprietary feed management system, the Feeds team was able to use that information to create the two new attributes for the Social Media team to use in their ads.

After adding the product reviews to the feed, the Social Media Advertising team integrated the attributes into dynamic carousel ad formats. The first variation had the review in the headline of each carousel card, the second variation had the review in the description of each carousel card, and the third variation acted as the control without featuring a review.


Results Achieved

The initial A/B test ran for 24 days. Including the review in the description resulted in a 40% lift in CTR and the control resulted in a 20% lift in CTR over the headline variation. 

The second iteration of the A/B test included two variations: the control and the review in the description. After a 15-day testing window, the variation including the review in the description maintained a consistent 22% lift in CTR compared to the control. 

Based on the results, adding the review to the description of dynamic ads – including dynamic carousel and collection ad formats – was rolled out across the account. Over the following month, CTR for collection ad formats increased by an average of 5%. 

While testing the review attribute, overall CTR for Social Media Advertising increased by 13% period-over-period.

Key Takeaways

Customers value reviews regardless of channel. Facebook and Google should not always be treated the same. Facebook users do not search by keywords, and they see fewer title characters in ads. While optimizing content differently can benefit the respective channels, leveraging data like customer reviews can have similar impacts on both paid search and social media.

Leverage the power of the customer’s voice. Most consumers look at reviews to feel comfortable about the products they’re purchasing. They rely on past purchases to tell them about the products they’re considering. This is why we are continuing to add real reviews to more products when applicable, over the average catalog rating. In a remarketing context, social proof could be the tipping point to a purchase for a user who isn’t convinced yet. 

Creativity with dynamic product attributes can lead to big results. The standard dynamic product ad features the product name and price, but with a well-planned product catalog, it is easy to dynamically pull in product information that is important to your customers, create custom ad experiences, and drive higher conversion rates.

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