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Frette Amplifies Sales Volume
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Discover how Frette, a world-renowned retailer of luxury linens and home furnishings, saw a huge revenue boost by focusing on demographic targeting, ad scheduling, and Google Shopping segmentation.   Read on for the full success story…


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The Situation

Since 1860, Frette has been a world-renowned retailer of luxury linens and home furnishings. Operating over 100 boutiques and directly selling online, their artisanal crafted products have been featured in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels such as Claridge’s and The Peninsula.

Even with a prominent brand, Frette knew they couldn’t rely solely on organic search due to the increased competition in their industry. They needed to invest in unique strategies to grow qualified traffic at a profitable rate, which led them to a partnership with ROI Revolution to scale their paid search efforts and grow their ecommerce business.

Opportunity Identified

An initial look at Frette’s AdWords account presented a clear roadblock to profitable growth.   Their ad campaigns were not being focused on the right type of buyer, and this was leading to a great deal of wasted ad spend trying to attract customers that were not a good fit for their products.

Gaining an understanding of Frette’s buyer personas was the first step to leveraging the changes necessary to align their advertising efforts with their luxury brand.

Initially, many of their campaigns were on default settings and they were missing out on an incredible opportunity to grow revenue profitably and invest in traffic that aligned with their ecommerce goals.

With Frette firmly entrenched as a luxury brand, it became evident that taking advantage of ad scheduling, demographic targeting, and Google Shopping segmentation would allow them to reach their more affluent target audience. These more granular strategies would allow ROI analysts to increase investment in areas that had a higher likelihood to yield a return based on type of traffic.

Our Expertise in Action

Due to default settings, Frette’s entire AdWords budget was being absorbed by a small number of  states, with more than 50% of their branded spend occurring in three states: New York, Texas, and California.

Historically, much of the account’s budget was drained by these densely populated states, however ROI Revolution was able to implement bid adjustments and roll out new campaigns to control spend and refocus on other popular cities.

Income level tier targeting was the ideal strategy to decide which popular cities to breakout and invest budget.  The ROI Revolution team restructured campaigns with layered income level tier bidding to increase brand market share in top locations and also reduce spend in areas where traffic was less qualified for luxury goods.

Results Achieved

By testing new geographic areas with demographic information, the ROI team was able to uncover tremendous opportunity for revenue growth in states that were originally restricted by budget.  Additionally, analysts were able to greatly improve performance in high spending states (New York and Texas), where even small gains equated to thousands in earned revenue. With an income level tier bidding strategy in place, ROI Revolution was able to grow YOY the branded revenue across the US.

Specifically a large improvement was seen in two states where from Jan-Jun 2016 compared to Jan-June 2017, cost stayed relatively the same and number of conversions was also consistent, but overall revenue drastically increased due to higher average order values.  While AOV doubled for Texas, New York also experienced a 20% lift in AOV.

“Before working with ROI Revolution, our SEM strategy wasn’t focused on what makes Frette unique. We know our customer is interested in high-end quality over price, so having a group of experts to align our strategy to meet customer expectations has unleashed further potential to scale ad spend in areas with proven ROI.”


     – Vivienne So

     E-Commerce Manager at Frette

Key Takeaway

It’s often necessary to take a deep dive into AdWords and make sure settings aren’t just set to default. By focusing on these more advanced selling options, it led to huge boosts in revenue and AoV for Frette.

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