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Home Goods Retailer Sees Huge Growth in Sales
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Learn how an industry-leading home goods retailer partnered with ROI Revolution and saw more than a 20x increase in non-branded transactions YoYRead on for the full success story…


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The Situation

In 2014, an industry-leading home goods retailer and ROI Revolution client was experiencing quick growth and profits from customers purchasing online. Through traditional media forms, they found monumental success from branded advertising and were looking to expand their market through untapped and underutilized digital advertising channels.

Opportunity Identified

Online behavior trends for 2015 indicated that, during a sale, customers were taking less time to do research and were making more impulsive purchases. The opportunity was there to create a low-friction experience on their website to convert customers through non-branded search queries. With this in mind,\ they turned to ROI Revolution to optimize their non-branded campaigns and accelerate their digital growth.

The Challenge: Attribution & Targeting

ROI Revolution analysts initially met with an obstacle. At the time, the home goods retailer’s account was not set up to measure non-branded search campaigns holistically in the overall paid search program. Without a first-touch attribution tracking profile, it was difficult to determine how new customers learned of the company; whether through SEO, PPC, inbound marketing, or other channels.

Without proper and accurate tracking, the ad spend on non-branded keywords was not being considered as essential to bringing in online sales and revenue. It became critical to measure data on initial keywords and search queries to understand a broader picture of the buyer experience and identify opportunities to acquire new customers.

Our Expertise in Action

Using GATE, an in-house proprietary software application, ROI Revolution built and applied a custom attribution model to filter Google Analytics tracking code.  This allowed data to be tracked on first-touch attribution for keywords and converted sales in addition to the default last-touch attribution model.

In collaboration with the home goods retailer and based on a more holistic attribution model, non-branded campaigns were launched centering on buyer personas and customer intent. ROI analysts coupled this with targeted ad copy that channeled traffic to relevant landing pages giving the customer exactly what they were searching for on Google. Having this relevant experience doubled conversion rates and profitability due to the high relevancy to the customer.

As the non-branded campaign momentum grew, the custom first-touch attribution model revealed that, on average, the home goods retailer had a 35% shift of sales attributed to broad, top-of-funnel keywords from branded keywords. This data gave confidence to continue investing in the non-branded strategy with an increased budget. With more budget and a targeted, non-branded experience, ads reached a wider audience but still maintained relevancy and a high return on ad spend (ROAS).

Making paid search scale is very challenging. We had a good understanding of our market and our consumer, but ROI helped us really understand how we could address that consumer in the general marketplace and make our business go on Google.

—CEO, Home Goods Retailer

Results Achieved

Prior to ROI Revolution’s involvement in 2014, online transactions via paid search were low and static. In 2015, those numbers skyrocketed. In every successive month from January to November, transactions rapidly increased. The home goods retailer ended the year with more than 20x non-branded transactions year over year (YOY).

So far, in 2016, the work done with implementing specific buyer persona campaigns and first-touch attribution is continuing to produce, with YOY growth in non-branded keyword transactions every single month to date.


Non-Branded Keyword
Transaction Growth (YoY)

Q4 2016 Sales Peak
of Non-Branded Keyword

In Closing

With a strong focus on targeting the right buyer for their business, ROI analysts were able to segment and optimize non-branded ppc campaigns, leading to huge growth in transactions, and a very happy client!

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