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Greenhouse Megastore Sees 431% YoY Increase 
in Revenue Through Youtube Campaigns

Discover how a leading supplier of greenhouses and garden supplies expanded their branded efforts and tapped into the world’s second largest search engine by utilizing YouTube TrueView remarketing. Read on for the full success story… 


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The Situation

In 1993, Greenhouse Megastore was building commercial greenhouses around the world. By 2001, with a desire to make quality horticultural products available at an affordable price point, they launched their online ecommerce site, and have since established themselves as a leading supplier of greenhouse and garden structures, supplies, and more.

As a brand with high average order values (AOV) that do really well online, Greenhouse Megastore was looking to establish themselves as experts in the greenhouse industry. They were quickly outgrowing their in-house resources due to rapid growth and needed an agency that would continue their success while delivering on the promise of achieving amazing results. In Q2 of 2017 they turned to the experts at ROI Revolution for help.

Opportunity Identified

After going through a routine site platform change, Greenhouse Megastore noticed a decrease in performance across accounts. The team at ROI did not deter, recognizing there was still room to expand the brand by continuing their remarketing efforts through the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube. By leveraging Greenhouse Megastore’s pre-established videos, the team could nurture display efforts through YouTube campaigns, which offered a rich source for cheap cost per views with their TrueView capabilities, and that is exactly how they sold Greenhouse Megastore on the strategy. With the ability to create video ads that can include additional audience data to granulate targeting, YouTube offered Greenhouse Megastore a third channel where their audience may be hanging out.

Our Expertise in Action

The team quickly got to work building out a YouTube remarketing strategy that targeted standard lists to re-engage past users and applied TrueView for Shopping to directly connect viewers to featured products in their how-to and product highlight videos. In September 2017, the team launched Greenhouse Megastore’s YouTube strategy in preparation for their spring seasonality, getting them in at just the right time. The channel nearly exploded overnight.

To further invest in the channel and drive awareness for the brand, the team promoted Greenhouse Megastore’s existing videos that focused on their higher AOV items like their greenhouse structures and covering installations. These videos were mainly “DIY-focused,” spotlighting products while providing useful installation information.

Since advertisers are limited to only showing 10 products per campaign, the team selected the brand’s top converting product categories and filtered them to make sure only relevant products were shown to consumers. To ensure these ads were relatable and appearing in front of their target market, the team applied audience targeting based on consumers who had already added a product category to their cart or recently visited the page being advertised.

The team was able to see direct conversions in Google Ads through their executed campaigns that they could then directly communicate with Greenhouse Megastore.

“YouTube remarketing is another avenue that complements and closes the loop on your account’s Display efforts. The direct conversions and ViewThrough Conversions that we can tie back to these campaigns is incredible,”

– Amanda Gerard, ROI Paid Search Strategist

Results Achieved

For Greenhouse Megastore, YouTube provided a higher return than any other remarketing campaigns. While every other channel seemed to be getting more competitive, YouTube remained consistent and continued to grow exponentially over time. Thanks to this new visibility Greenhouse Megastore has become a more significant competitor in the industry, now facing direct competition like Home Depot – a lot different of a space than where they were the year before.

ROI Revolution launched YouTube Remarketing Campaigns for Greenhouse Megastore in Q3 2017, and by Q2 of 2018, the brand started seeing huge gains that lasted throughout their peak season. By the end of Q4 in 2018, YouTube campaigns saw a massive 431% year-over-year (YoY) increase in revenue, and a 444% increase in conversions. The growth didn’t stop there though, by Q1 2019 YouTube campaigns saw a 53% increase in revenue and a 111% increase in conversions when compared to Q1 2018 at a 4,000%+ ROAS.

Key Takeaways

Supports Other Channels. YouTube offers brands another way to expand top-of-funnel marketing and reach customers via remarketing in an entirely new way. Due to its cost-efficient bidding model, it can also serve as a strong preemptive strategy to have in place before undergoing a website replatform to combat any loss in brand recognition and site engagement that may occur.

Broad Outreach. YouTube campaigns can nurture top of funnel branding strategies, enhance remarketing, and lead to increased consideration in the marketing funnel. . Since people interact with YouTube more than ads on display, YouTube is a great way to get back in front of your core consumers where there is proven to be higher engagement.

Leverage Existing Videos. Most companies already have branded or product videos created that are used on their websites, yet they don’t upload, advertise, or optimize a YouTube channel for better visibility. Don’t miss out on opportunities for multi-channel dominance, on-site integration, direct revenue, new content formats, and much more.

Year-Over-Year Increase in Revenue

Increase in Conversions

Increase in Revenue Compared to Q1 2018

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