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HVAC Filter Supplier Grows Organic Revenue
25% with Enhanced Content Strategy

Discover how a leading HVAC supplier was able to grow revenue by 25% by improving their content strategy and increasing organic website traffic. Read on for the full success story… 


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The Situation

Our client produces and sells high quality HVAC air filters for business and residential use. In early 2020, Google Trends reflected an increase in searches for information about the novel coronavirus and ways to combat it – including air filtration and face masks.

Opportunity Identified

In early March, the need to provide up-to-date information about the differences between the flu and the novel coronavirus became apparent. We saw an opportunity to highlight the client’s expertise in creating a clean, safe environment at home and at work. By late March, face masks had become a hot search topic due to a shortage of available personal protection equipment for healthcare and essential workers. One specific trending topic, was how to create a face mask with a pocket for added filtration, and our client’s MERV 13 filter media was a perfect fit.

Our Expertise in Action

The SEO Content Specialist researched the most relevant keywords for each article. The team then found the most reliable sources of information about those terms and compiled key points that needed to be made. The Content Specialist wrote the articles – each turned around within one business day.

In order to continually provide the most relevant information in an ever-changing situation, these articles have been regularly updated. The Coronavirus vs. Flu article was revised to include updated guidelines from the CDC and has also been updated regularly by our client with to-date case and death statistics. The DIY Face Mask article was grown to include our clients’ own step-by-step instructions for how to sew an additional type of fabric mask that includes a pocket for high-quality, MERV 13 air filter media to fit inside.

The SEO Outreach Specialist contacted media personnel and influencers to gain quality backlinks, which improve brand recognition and perceived expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (E-A-T). She coordinated with our client to make sure all responses to outreach efforts were qualified and answered.

Results Achieved within the First Three Months

Gains from Organic Search Traffic
The Coronavirus vs. Flu article received 234,196 impressions on Google search results pages and led to 30,874 sessions and 98 transactions. This single page had a large impact on the site as a whole, driving additional traffic that accounted for a 31.3% increase in sessions and a 3% increase in transactions when compared to the sitewide organic data for the prior year.

The DIY Face Mask article received over 2.3 million impressions on Google search results pages and led to 162,375 sessions and 511 transactions. While the 3% transaction increase from the first article was impressive, this DIY Face Mask article created, on its own, a 165% year-over-year sitewide increase in organic traffic, with a corresponding 15% bump in transactions!

The combined organic search traffic from these two articles resulted in a revenue increase of 7% year-over-year according to Google Analytics.

Gains from Smart Content Marketing
The promotion of the content performed by the SEO Outreach Specialist is done to gain exposure for the content, which helps secure backlinks to the articles, which in turn helps the articles rank higher. But another benefit of working with a smart Outreach Specialist is that when your content is mentioned in the right places, you drive additional revenue from referral traffic. When you combine these articles’ direct referral traffic and revenue with their organic search revenue, it accounts for an amazing 25% increase in total sitewide revenue when compared to the year before!

Session Increase for Corona vs Flu Article

Site Traffic for Face Mask

Overall Sitewide Revenue Increase YOY


Our client’s passion for providing reliable and useful information to consumers and ROI Revolution’s SEO team’s ability to quickly respond to a changing search environment provided an opportunity for us to make the most of a developing situation. By writing useful and relevant content, optimizing it for the most valuable keywords, and updating it as new information was available, our client was able to improve their organic search traffic and increase their organic revenue.

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