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Site Speed Improvements Lead to a
53% Boost in Revenue for Crown & Caliber

Discover how Crown & Caliber, a premier buyer and seller of pre-owned luxury watches, boosted revenue by 53% by improving site speed. Read on for the full success story… 


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The Situation

Crown & Caliber is the premier buyer and seller of pre-owned luxury watches, selling over 40 of the world’s most renowned watch brands. Their goal is to provide a modern, risk-free, and online solution to buying and selling watches. To increase their reach to watch-lovers around the world, they partnered with ROI Revolution to increase organic traffic and revenue for their business.

Opportunity Identified

Crown & Caliber made several major optimizations to their site while working with the ROI team, but one factor that limited them was their slow site speed. Google has stated that site speed is a ranking factor in their mobile-first index and it was determined that Crown and Caliber’s slow speed was not only impacting their ability to rank well for targeted search queries, but it was also negatively impacting their site’s conversion rate. ROI Revolution shared this issue with Crown & Caliber and began developing a strategy to improve site speed.

Our Expertise in Action

In June of 2019, ROI Revolution’s Search Engine Optimization team performed a comprehensive site speed audit of Crown & Caliber’s ecommerce website to determine all issues that were preventing the website from loading at a speed that met or exceeded Google’s best practices.

The ROI Revolution team identified a variety of issues ranging from large, uncompressed images to render-blocking JavaScript and CSS resources that were preventing the content on several page templates from loading quickly. Seven core issues were identified and were prioritized from greatest impact to least.

ROI Revolution worked in concert with Crown & Caliber’s marketing and web development teams to remedy each high-priority issue, poring over strategy via phone and video consultations, iterating and testing numerous speed fixes, and regularly providing updates on the impact of site changes. Throughout this process, the ROI team pinpointed specific code on the site to remove and/or refactor in order to improve page speed without altering the functionality of the site. The ROI team analyzed major page templates (product pages, category pages, homepage) using Chrome DevTools to discover unused JavaScript and CSS resources and inform the process of removing these unnecessary resources.

Given the sheer number of images present on the site, the ROI Revolution team prioritized the most impactful images to compress and optimize. Image compression tools specific to the image formats used on the Crown & Caliber website were used, recommendations to keep all images below 100 KB were made. Additional tactics for reducing the impact of images on page load time, such as lazy loading, were also recommended and subsequently implemented on the site. This made it possible to quickly load critical, above-the-fold content without needing every image on the page to fully load. The ROI team made recommendations to lazy load images on image-heavy page templates such as product detail pages and product listing pages. The result was an immediate positive impact on page load time.

Results Achieved

From June to April 2020, the ROI Revolution and Crown & Caliber teams worked to optimize the speed of Over the course of this work, the website saw an average of a one second decrease in page load across all pages, and a two second decrease in page load time on the homepage. This improvement in load time had an incredible direct impact on primary organic KPIs over this period of time:

  • Organic traffic to the site increased by 8%
  • Conversion rate improved by 31%
  • Bounce rate dropped by 5%
  • Revenue increased by 53%
  • Average time on site improved by 13%

There were clear improvements in site speed over time and a correlation with improvements in primary KPIs over the course of the site speed optimization project.

Increased Conversion Rate

Revenue Increase

Improvement of Average Time on Site

Key Takeaways

Site Speed Is Tied to Revenue. Site speed can have a direct impact on organic traffic and user experience, both of which have an effect on a site’s ability to convert and generate revenue. With more businesses recognizing the importance of improving their site speed and Google emphasizing its importance in its algorithm, it’s essential that your website loads quickly.

Site Speed Can Help You Outrank Competitors. Websites that meet or exceed Google’s speed best practices are more likely to outrank competitors in search results, provide a user-friendly experience for site visitors, and ultimately see higher revenue generation across all channels.

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