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C2G Increased YouTube ROAS by 378%
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Discover how C2G, an industry leading manufacturer of high-performance cables, adapters and connectivity solutions turned around a declining trend in ROAS and increased profitability. Read on for the full success story…


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The Situation

70% of B2B buyers are on YouTube, the second biggest search engine behind Google, according to a 2015 study by Google and Millward Brown Digital. These buyers and researchers are doing what 1.9B+ global monthly users are doing: watching videos as part of their path to purchase. So, what does that mean to content managers and search engine marketers? Opportunity, and lots of it.

Since 1984 C2G (Cables To Go) has been a leading provider of end-to-end connectivity products and solutions for audio/video, PC, and power management applications. In Q1 of 2017, the brand was looking to expand their online presence and adopt a channel-first pricing strategy to combat increased competition, so they turned to ROI Revolution as a partner to assist with their overall growth.

Opportunity Identified

With the explosion of digital channels, the always-on-media ecosystem, and consistently distracted consumers, a brand’s path to purchase model was complex as ever. A familiar challenge for C2G, as their consumer’s path to purchase process typically sees 30% of sales occurring 12 or more days after their initial touchpoint.

C2G and their ROI team quickly discovered two major strategies that would be advantageous to their growth: brand engagement and expanding focus on the lower sales funnel. In search of avenues their competitors weren’t already on, the team recognized an opportunity to leverage C2G’s robust YouTube channel.

The team shifted their focus away from a concern over being price competitive and toward C2G’s high quality products and expertise within the industry. To pull this off, consumers would need to be acquainted with the brand and remain engaged throughout their path to purchase.


According to a 2019 Google Study

  • Over 90% of people say they discover new brands or products on YouTube
  • People are 2X more likely to pay attention to ads on YouTube vs. social media
  • People are 3X more likely to pay attention to online video ads vs. TV

Our Expertise in Action

Once in the account, the team discovered C2G already had an established YouTube channel with high-quality “how-to,” problem-solving, and product focused videos. This precisely reflected their target audience’s search queries for educational product content on YouTube. With this in mind, C2G and ROI worked together to structure a plan that focused on increasing engagement, profitability, and building brand equity.

To keep consumers in the funnel, engaged, and repurchasing, the team used videos ads that would appear on both YouTube and the Google display network.

The first step was finding C2G’s top performing remarketing audiences and serving them consistent retargeting ads that highlighted the quality and capability of C2G products. That audience was then layered into YouTube’s TrueView In-stream remarketing campaigns with shopping overlays, giving customers easy access to click through tailored products ads, and C2G an opportunity to drive traffic to their website.

From there, the team continued to aggressively build out C2G’s YouTube. They utilized an in-stream ad format to ensure their ads would appear for at least five seconds before any video.

“Our goal was to constantly build trust that we not only sell high quality products, but we can help customers devise solutions for any of their cable management needs.” – Hannah Edgerly, ROI Revolution Paid Search Strategist

Results Achieved

The team quickly discovered YouTube as a hidden gem with a relatively unsaturated market, and an extremely low cost per click. This was perfect for C2G, who, initially, wasn’t certain how impactful YouTube would be in their overall marketing efforts.

ROI Revolution began rolling out a wide set of remarketing campaigns in January of 2018. Within a few months, they were already seeing an increase in profit. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from YouTube increased 378%, and ROAS from display during that same period increased 81%. By December of 2018, they received more than 961 conversions via YouTube, and only 211 conversions via Display. C2G’s YouTube year-over-year (YoY) revenue increased by 504%.

Key Takeaways

Brand Engagement. With YouTube’s low cost per view, it’s an excellent platform to get individuals to engage with your brand, both visually and audibly. Once engaged, you can keep them within your funnel by serving ads across multiple channels.

Education. More than 55% of people search for a product on Google, and then learn more by going to YouTube before they buy it.

Remarketing. “If you’re afraid to make the leap into YouTube advertising, testing out remarketing is your first step. Since people are already familiar with your brand, you’re not actively seeking out new customers. Rather, you’re building equity and trust with customers who already know you or who are on the verge of purchasing,” said Edgerly.

Increase of ROAS from YouTube

Conversions from YouTube Advertisements

Increase in YouTube year-over-year revenue

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