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Burke Brands Increased YoY Revenue 
by 33% with Sponsored Brands Campaigns

Discover how high-quality organic coffee bean manufacturer, Burke Brands, grew impressions by more than 4,000%, clicks by more than 15x through Sponsored Brands campaigns. Read on for the full success story…


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The Situation

High-quality organic coffee company, Burke Brands, has always identified at its core as coffee growers. Headquartered in Miami, they have multiple small-batch coffee roasting and packaging facilities, as well as a state-of-the art cupping lab.

Despite priding themselves on the highest quality coffee and commitment to freshness, having a superior product is only a small piece of the marketing puzzle. Since Amazon is the destination for more than 54% of all product searches, focusing on this audience on Amazon as opposed to on a traditional brand website was essential to their continued growth.

Opportunity Identified

Looking to grow sales and defend their company’s position from its competitors, Burke Brands knew Amazon was only going to continue to grow in relevance and importance. “Amazon had become a full-time job, but it was definitely worth it,” Burke Brands CEO, Darron Burke said. “We could see the return, we could see the sales and the building of brand equity, but we were learning as we went, and it was not extremely organized.”

With little digital presence and being generally unestablished with Amazon, they reached out to ROI Revolution for guidance.

Our Expertise in Action

With established brands already entrenched on Amazon, along with a multitude of “fly-by-night” brands popping up and Amazon’s own private label offerings, playing brand defense and focusing on competitor searches was critical to ensure Burke Brand’s success on the platform.

The first step was to identify the category terms that were successful in their current ads. Next, the team determined that Sponsored Brands was a great way to gain better traction through targeted branding campaigns that led customers to their Amazon Store, where they could learn more or make a purchase.

With a heavy focus on these Sponsored Brand campaigns around highly competitive keywords, Burke Brands was able to reach new customers who were searching more broadly for organic coffee, but not a particular brand. The team reached a previously untapped gold mine of new potential customers every month who knew what they wanted but didn’t yet know who to buy it from.

Results Achieved

Since implementing Sponsored Brands campaigns in April 2018, impressions have grown over 4,000% and click volume has increased by more than 15X! Additionally, year-over-year (YoY) revenue increased 33% and average month-over-month (MoM) revenue growth increased 19.4%. This growth helped drive Burke Brands to their five most successful months ever on Amazon. Additionally, their flagship offerings, Cafe Don Pablo and Subtle Earth Organic Coffee, have begun to establish themselves as prominent coffee brands.

“Overall sales have been growing basically nonstop, every day, every week, and every year.” – Darron Burke, Burke Brands’ CEO

Key Takeaways

Protect Your Brand. If you have an established brand, you have to start by putting brand keywords out there and making sure you’ve protected your brand well. Especially if you’re moving on the Amazon platform after having that established brand already well recognized in other channels.

Be Aware of Caveats. It’s important to be aware of the caveats that come with Sponsored Brands as well. The creative review process can be really tedious. Ads may not get approved if there are any small variations of grammar or punctuation usage that might deviate from Amazon’s standard process and/or the reviewer’s personal taste. So, if you mishandle this step, you could be waiting as long as 72 hours to have your Ad go live again, making things like A/B or Ad copy testing really hard to do.

Pay Attention to Product Inventory. Unlike Sponsored Products, where your ads pause the minute your product goes out of stock or loses Buy Box ownership, Sponsored Brands campaigns will continue to run if any of its selection of products are still in stock.

Test Your Brand Against Competitors. Sponsored Brands can be extremely impactful to driving traffic to your listings. They offer your brand a competitive edge for your biggest seasons. Test against competitors and test against the category space to learn where your products stack up in the greater marketplace.

Increase in YoY Revenue

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