Case Study – Baby & Parenting Accessories

Parenting Product Manufacturer
Nurtures a 326% Increase in Facebook Revenue

Learn how a manufacturer of baby accessories and parenting products grew overall revenue to over $2.6 Million with the help of Social Media Brand Awareness. Read on for the full success story…


Baby & Parenting


Paid Social Media



The Situation

One of our clients, a mission-driven technology company, has been developing smart, science-based products, content, and services to solve every day parenting challenges since 2001.

As a consumer brand with a desire to grow their reach, this company understood the influence that robust, upper-funnel branding and awareness campaigns generate. To help grow their business, they turned to ROI Revolution to implement fresh strategies for brand awareness and to drive additional traffic to their website, with an end goal of increasing conversions and profitable revenue.

Opportunity Identified

Once in the account, the ROI team noticed that this manufacturer’s higher-priced flagship product made them an ideal candidate to leverage curated Facebook and Instagram audience targeting, which would help nurture their ideal customers through their buying journey.

In June 2018, the ROI Revolution team began increasing investment in non-direct response campaigns, which are focused more on driving traffic and engagement as opposed to specifically driving sales. ROI Revolution, alongside their client, developed a strategy focused on optimized ad messaging and expanded targeting, with the goal of filling their purchase funnel with highly engaged traffic that resulted in profitable remarketing and more qualified leads.

Our Expertise in Action

The first step was identifying the best performing seed audiences to build qualified lookalike audiences from. After this was accomplished, the team leveraged these audiences in a series of iterative tests to understand which groups to expand in size and investment, and which to reduce or remove. This quickly led to significant upticks in cheap, but still highly qualified clicks. Gradually, the team increased spend until they had doubled the direct response budget on top-of-funnel campaigns.

To test messaging and effectively target each audience, the team promoted four main value ads related to the product: more sleep for parents and babies, smart-technology, the company’s founder (a leader in the industry), and inspiring customer testimonials.

Through a series of A/B tests, the ROI team isolated what resonated with the company’s target audiences.


Lookalike Audiences & Split Testing

What is a Lookalike Audience?

A way to reach new people and get new customers who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to your existing strong customer base.

Results Achieved

After implementing these new strategies in June, the company saw an immediate increase in traffic. By October, they began seeing major upticks in purchases and revenue, despite little YoY change in remarketing spend. December was a record-shattering month for both paid traffic to the company’s website and overall revenue.

The YoY results were exceptional, with a 326% increase in Facebook sales and 221% increase in overall revenue. These strong results outpaced upper funnel ad spend increase, meaning they were able to generate more conversions at a higher ROI, leading to an increase in overall advertising profitability.

YoY Increase in
Facebook Revenue

Overall Revenue
Growth YoY


Long-Term Brand Improvement
One of the unique opportunities with paid social is connecting with people who resonate with your brand. Top of funnel campaigns afford your business a new avenue to gain awareness, and we have seen strong evidence of significant long-term increases in clicks, conversions, and profitable revenue from focusing on these awareness plays to an engaged audience.

Expedited Product Learning-Curves
Social advertising can teach consumers about your brand and your products. Effectively guiding shoppers down the path towards a sale by removing friction and pain points in the buyer’s journey.

Increased Quality of Leads
With your brand’s added touch-points, the quality of leads increases and the traffic of consumers to your website is more inclined to purchase. The key isn’t just generating traffic, it’s generating the right traffic so that all of your remarketing done after that initial touchpoint is more successful.

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