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Automotive Performance Supplier
Increased Average Order Value

Discover how a leading automotive performance supplier increased the average order value (AOV) of their call conversions at a rate 13x higher than a typical ecommerce conversion by implementing ROI Revolution’s proprietary technology. Read on for the full success story… 




Social Media Advertising


Promote Awareness

The Situation

One of our clients, a leading retailer for automotive performance supplies, opened business at the start of the 21st century as a local brick-and-mortar shop before entering the online ecommerce space in 2005. With a call center in place and a primary call-to-action for visitors to call for free advice, a good portion of their business and touchpoints occur over the phone.

As experts in their field with a drive to perform, the brand was in search of new ways to promote awareness and keep themselves top-of-mind in their competitive market. In addition to working with their ROI Revolution team for paid search, they wanted to explore social advertising.


ROI’s in-house proprietary software includes a custom in-house call tracking system. This uses dynamic phone numbers on a brand’s website to track all calls at the source, along with engaged ad groups and keywords. This data, combined with the brands sales data, runs through technology that automatically uploads all the information into Google Analytics and the Facebook platform. The sales are then tracked so analysts can make informed decisions for bids based on the full picture.

Opportunity Identified

The brand was looking to use Facebook as another platform to drive sales but were nervous about the value they would gain and lacked clarity on how they would attribute performance for top of funnel campaigns.

As a cross-channel client, their ROI Revolution team was able to leverage their account where some of our proprietary technology, ROI Charge™, was already implemented. This would allow for a custom call tracking and reporting system that the team knew was a no-brainer to include for the brand’s social platforms as well.

Our Expertise in Action

By leveraging ROI Charge™ call tracking, the team was able to more accurately track and understand the customer buyer journey and break down the specific role our ads were playing throughout that entire journey. The team leveraged the brand’s call center information in ads to assist the user experience, greatly improving ad campaigns. With a one-day click conversion model, the team provided the most granular attribution the brand could receive for Facebook.

What’s one-day click?

“One-day click means that Facebook will optimize for more people that take action and trigger your event within one day of clicking on the day.”

Through this, the team could prove exactly what was driving business. For instance, they could point out that while maybe a specific ad isn’t being clicked on, it is still being interacted with in a way that’s driving sales.

The brand was able to see changes in how their customers were shopping with them year-over-year, as well as the percent of call sales vs. ecommerce sales. When call sales increase, they are now able to identify and understand if something on their website needs to be more conversion-friendly or if their call center is simply providing a lot of help for consumers.

Results Achieved

The ROI Team implemented ROI TALK/BITS™ for social media advertising in January 2019. Shortly after, they were able to attribute over 72% of the brand’s overall one-day click revenue to call sales. Through this, the brand’s AOV of a call conversion increased 13x a typical ecommerce conversion.

The team was able to provide a lens of clarity for the brand, identifying trends happening with their business and determining what campaigns drove more conversion value than what was previously thought. Not only did this drive more call sales but it also drove more ecommerce sales for the brand.

One-Day Click Revenue was Call Sales

Increase in Call & Ecommerce Sales

Increase in Average Order Value

Key Takeaways

Track Your Call Center. For brands that have a call center and are spending money on Google and/or Facebook advertising, leveraging something like ROI TALK/BITS™ is a quick win for business when you consider the cost in relation to what you’re spending on those channels and the insights given. It’s common for brands who have higher AOVs to have a call center, and without proper recommendations, you could be missing out on frequent upsell opportunities.

Understand What Your Ads Are Doing. Implementing something like ROI TALK/BITS™ can help you understand what your ads and ad dollars and doing for you and really be a catalyst to grow your business.

Socials Role in Driving Business. When considering social advertising, you can’t think about ecommerce sales alone. A lot of brands have call centers but don’t think it has anything to do with social advertising when in fact it does, and it can drive and bolster a lot of business.

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