January 2021 Amazon News Roundup

Sarah Davis Content Author Published February 2, 2021

New Store Link in Sponsored Brands Video Ads 

We’re excited to share information on a new Amazon Sponsored Brands feature. We’ve found that mobile placements for Sponsored Brands Video ads now include a clear link to the Amazon Store. This link appears under the product preview and reads “Shop the brand name Store on Amazon.”

This new addition could help increase click-through rate and shopper engagement with Sponsored Brands Video ads. Rather than just focus on one product, viewers now have the option to click through to the brand Store and shop for more products.

As Amazon continues to expand and update Sponsored Brands capabilities, we’ll update you on the ROI Revolution blog!

New Search Term Impression Share Report

Another recent update to Amazon Ads brought the Amazon Sponsored Products report now available in some accounts called “search term impression share.” A version of this report previously became available for Sponsored Brands, and helps advertisers understand the impact ads have on their industry market share on Amazon. The main benefits of this report include gauging the impact Sponsored Products has on upper-funnel and brand awareness efforts.

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Amazon DSP Update

Amazon just released a new feature allowing businesses to flight budgets over specified times within a quarter. The specified time can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or custom.

This exciting update provides improved usability and delivery through Amazon DSP. It’s no longer necessary to create multiple campaigns or line items to simulate flights, nor will you need to use monthly caps to extend dates whenever a new flight starts.

Additionally, the update to delivery ensures that campaigns pace toward order budgets. If the sum of all the line item budgets in an order is lower than the total order budget, Amazon will pace toward the sum. This pacing update is designed to keep campaigns from stopping delivery mid-flight due to a budget cap.

Amazon Posts Follow Button

Amazon’s Posts feature – currently an open beta – has added a “follow” button. This makes it easier for shoppers to follow and stay updated on a company’s posts. This feature is a free way to add content to Amazon and gain extra impressions.

On the Amazon Posts page, Amazon suggests using Posts like a social media feed. This follow button only furthers that notion as Amazon encourages advertisers to make Posts to increase brand awareness and engagement.

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