[Infographic] COVID-19 in Q1: The Impacts of Coronavirus on Ecommerce

Lauren Toney Content Specialist Author Published April 1, 2020



Every week of Q1 2020 has been jam-packed with news. The initial impacts of the coronavirus have started to take shape in the past few weeks, but there are surely more to come. We’ve broken down the most noteworthy events from this quarter into health news and ecommerce news.

With such a rapid rate of spread and being so unpredictable in nature, coronavirus has already had huge impacts on buying behavior. Scroll to see how the world of ecommerce was affected by COVID-19 in Q1 and how these changes have progressed around the world.

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COVID-19 in Q1

If you’re looking for more information on ecommerce and COVID-19 in Q1 (and what to expect in the future), see some of our additional resources below:

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