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Let’s Get Digital!
The Digital Marketing Podcast for Growing Your Brand

In today’s fast-paced digital climate, it’s hard to keep up. Where should you invest your budget? How can you improve your overall growth? What trends will actually impact you?

Join paid search specialists Alex Wynn and Hallie Altman as they interview subject matter experts, tackling developments in digital marketing on a new hot topic each episode. If you’re interested in discovering best practice strategies, and tactics for success that will transform you into an expert of all things digital and ecommerce marketing, then this is the podcast for you. Expect personality, witty banter, priceless insights, and fascinating facts that will keep you up to date with emerging trends. Each episode is packed with insights for retailers and lead gen in B2B and B2C that cover a range of services, including PPC, Social Media, SEO, CRO, and Amazon Advertising. Let’s Get Digital is brought to you by the brand growth experts at ROI Revolution in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Episode 15: Cyber 5 2019 - Results, Insights, and Trends
Episode 14: BAM! Brand Attribution Marketing
Episode 13: Cyber 5 Prep - Last Minute Tips for Success
Episode 12: E-A-T and SEO - The Content Google Wants
Episode 11: Seasonality Series - Part 3 - Learning from Last Year
Episode 10: Seasonality Series - Part 2 - Priorities & Individual Tactics
Episode 09: Seasonality Series - Part 1 - Insights from Google
Episode 08: Back to School
Episode 07: Paid Search Ads
Episode 06: Prime Day Recap
Episode 05: IRCE Recap
Episode 04: Amazon Prime Day
Episode 03: Social Media Ad Formats
Episode 02: Amazon DSP
Episode 01: Video Advertising

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