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Episode 9:
Seasonality Series – Part One – Insights from Google

Prepping for the holidays: are you ready for the season? In this episode of Let’s Get Digital, Brennan Hall and Alex Wynn are joined by digital marketing expert and Google Strategist, Katie McCabe. With less time to shop this year due to shifting dates, this episode discusses the most important dates for the holiday season, different ways for your brand to build awareness using Display and Video, and important tips that marketers need to understand around this holiday season. McCabe also offers listeners the latest and greatest tactics available from Google for your brand to take advantage of in preparation for the season. So, if you’re interested in how you can prepare to ensure your brand’s has the most successful holiday, you’re not going to want to skip this episode.

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Episode 09: Seasonality Series - Part 1 - Insights from Google

Key Takeaways:

Shifting Dates. As this holiday season covers fewer dates to shop – 86 percent of consumers begin to shop before September ends.

Build Brand Awareness. In terms of Google advertising, utilize brand building products like Display and Video to get the most out of your Holiday season. 96 percent of consumers’ online time is spent reading email, browsing content, watching videos, and social networking – while only 4 percent of their time is spent on search.

Today’s Guest:

Katie McCabe

Account Strategist


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