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Episode 8:
Back to School

Are you ready for back to school season? In this episode of Let’s Get Digital, Dylan Padula and Brennan Hall enter class with paid social media advertising expert, Doug Cameron to discuss the importance of Back to School for businesses, and how you can use paid social media to capitalize on the season. Get your notebooks prepped and pencils sharpened, because this year is going to be a big opportunity for brands to smash into the market, and capture shoppers who are anticipated to spend roughly $27.8B on school-related supplies.

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Episode 08: Back to School

Key Takeaways:

Capture Shoppers. Studies reveal that 88% of consumers are looking for the best price for products, and only 14% of those consumers consider brand reputation when purchasing. This presents a huge opportunity for brands to smash into the market and create recognition, if they have the right products at the right price.

Invest Early. Your back to school marketing strategy should generate awareness around your brand and/or product(s) and build up excitement by teasing sales or product launches.

Spend Strategically. Compare year-over-year perfomance of your back to school advertising, and break down daily trends to understand where you need to invest. Invest heavily during peak periods when it’s most competitive.

Today’s Guest:

Doug Cameron

Social Media Strategist

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