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Episode 4:
Amazon Prime Day

Did you know that not everyone should participate in Prime Day? On this episode of Let’s Get Digital, our hosts Dylan Padula and Brennan Hall discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of Prime Day with Marketplaces expert, Sam Salathe. In this enticing episode, you’ll discover the importance of prime day and what it can do for Brands long-term, as well as the strategies that will win-big for those Brands that are a good fit. For those Brands that should sit this Prime day out… well, you’ll learn exactly why that is. Last, but certainly not least important, we dive into how to properly measure Prime Day success in order to determine if this year was a major success or flop.

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Episode 04: Amazon Prime Day

Key Takeaways:

Remain Competitive. In your Prime Day advertising strategy, crease your bids and budgets, and consider using placement modifiers as well as bidding strategies.

Focus on Products Running Deals. You can direct traffic to your store using Sponsored Brands, or to products showcasing deals. This also allows customers to familiarize themselves with your brand and products. Pause other products in campaigns that are not showcasing deals, to focus on those products with deals.

Today’s Guest:

Sam Salathe

Marketplaces Expert

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