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Episode 3:
Social Media Ad Formats

Have you ever wondered if you should be advertising on Facebook? Is it really worth the investment? Well in this week’s episode of Let’s Get Digital, our hosts cover that and more along with their guest and expert in the Social Media realm, Social Media Analyst Hallie Altman. In this lively and informative episode, the hot topics of social media ad formats, mobile presence, and Facebook Advertising presence are discussed as we dive into why these avenues are important, why you should be there, and how to measure success. Facebook is ever-growing, and with new advertising formats in place, Brands will definitely want to equip their marketing strategies with this full-funnel approach.

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Episode 03: Social Media Ad Formats

Key Takeaways:

Your Audience is on Facebook. One of the unique opportunities with paid social is connecting with people who resonate with your brand. Top-of-funnel social media advertising campaigns afford your business a new avenue to gain awareness, and we have seen strong evidence of significant long-term increases in clicks, conversions, and profitable revenue from focusing on these awareness plays to an engaged audience.

Mobile Presence. 96 percent of Facebook users access it on mobile. Just as you optimize your website, you need to make sure your digital and Facebook ads are optimized for mobile as well. In 2018, more than half of all internet shopping was done from a mobile device, and your Facebook advertising strategy needs to acknowledge that this is only going to continue to grow.

Dynamic Ads for Stories. Leverage the dynamic creative from your product catalog to create Dynamic Ads for your Instagram stories. This Instagram ad format creates an advertiser’s dream scenario of generating great brand awareness and growing reach, with the highest-intent ad format that has the highest conversion rate.

Today’s Guest:

Hallie Altman

Social Media Analyst

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