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Episode 19:
The Power of Product Feeds

Product feeds. What are they and how are they impacting your business? On this episode of Let’s Get Digital, Hallie and Alex explore the fascinating world of feeds with Paid Search Analyst, Kaleigh Sheedy. Have you ever wondered how your products get listed on your website? And if that is having an effect on your overall business? Well, it is. And the true impact that the quality of your feed can have on your overall shopping campaign results may shock you. But don’t worry, these feeds can be optimized to improve your overall results, and luckily, Kaleigh is here to walk you through best practices and tactics for success.

Product feeds are simply your product data, and can really be thought of as the foundation of your customer-facing assets. Your product feed is a file made up of all the products you sell on your ecommerce website. This list uses groupings of attributes that define each product in its own unique way, and has significant impact on your performance. Tune in to discover what a messy feed can do to your ad performance, and what opportunities a strong feed can open up. Additionally, on this episode you will learn how to distinguish the type of relationship product feeds have with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing and more.

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Episode 19: The Power of Product Feeds

Key Takeaways:

Don’t get creative with your feed. Your product data file is the last place you want to get creative. It should be as organized and streamlined as possible. While even fun holiday copy may seem like a good idea for the season, this is not the time to get custom with messages. If you get flagged by Google for any small discrepancy, there’s no telling how long it will take to get approved, leaving you to miss out on prime seasonality for your business.

Leave your Q4 feed alone. When it comes to Q4, the highest priority you should have when managing your product feed is pricing and availability. These are the most important assets that should be updated well in advance before the season. You should strive to get these things locked in place by November 1st, and try not to touch it after that.

Today’s Guest:

Kaleigh Sheedy

Paid Search Analyst

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