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Episode 18:
Tech & Trends for Brand Growth – Part 3

The tech and trends series comes to a close with our third and final episode. Our hosts wrap up with Social Media Analyst Jamie Gwaltney and Marketplaces Strategist Amira Desai. Despite the two coming from the perspective of very different platforms – Facebook and Amazon, respectively – they each recognize the importance of programmatic advertising, as well as using ad customizers, specific actions, and if/then statements to personalize ads to consumers. The similarities don’t stop there. Later on, Jamie and Amira get into the importance of social proof through lifestyle images and reviews. We also learn about some incredible tools that are available for brands to leverage for audience targeting based on specific actions, interests, recent purchases, and life events.

If you want to ensure your brand stays ahead of all the trends to come this decade, don’t miss this episode. 

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Episode 18: Tech & Trends for Brand Growth - Part 3

Key Takeaways:

Video Marketing Domination. Did you know that 90% of consumers watch videos online at least once per week? And this isn’t something that’s out of reach. In fact, tools have made it so that video is accessible for all budgets. For Amazon, the spike in video continues to increase, and on Facebook, 90% of the content shared is video. As for increasing top funnel visibility, in-stream ads are a great place to start. These ads are not skippable and 70% of these ads are watched all the way through.

Get with the Program[matic]. According to eMarketer, programmatic advertising (such as Amazon DSP) is the fastest growing segment of digital marketing. This powerful format allows brands to get their message in front of highly targeted custom audiences, wherever they are on the internet.

Don’t Stop Improving. As the buyer’s journey continues to evolve, so should your website. Continuous, data-driven improvements are an excellent driver of profitable revenue. In fact, adding copy as simple as “limited time offer” to a product page can have a huge beneficial impact.

Today’s Guests:

Jamie Gwaltney

Social Media Analyst

Amira Desai

Marketplaces Strategist

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