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Episode 17:
Tech & Trends for Brand Growth – Part 2

On part two and three of our tech and trends report series, our hosts catch up with various service experts from Paid Search, Social Advertising, and Amazon Advertising to discuss in-depth insights and strategies from the report that they apply in their client accounts.

Up first is Paid Search Analyst, Olivia Rose. This episode, Olivia talks marketing attribution and how to choose models that work for your business, what to focus on, and how to interpret and present data. She gets into how much automation to implement in an account, and it’s ability to free up time to focus on overall paid search strategy. We also learn that Alex finally has a smartphone and is purchasing from it. Lastly, Olivia describes the importance of continuously optimizing your website, and that it, along with your ads and email, is a great tool for personalization.

Let’s Get Digital tackles developments and hot topics in digital marketing, interviews subject matter experts, and offers best practice strategies and tactics for success. We’re always interested in what you want to hear from us. To submit a question or comment, write to us at Tune in next episode to remain in-the-know with all things digital marketing!

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Episode 17: Tech & Trends for Brand Growth - Part 2

Key Takeaways:

Interact with Attribution. At least 75% of advertisers either aren’t comfortable with their current model for marketing attribution, or don’t know what’s best for them, according to a state of pipeline marketing report. The good news is, it’s not too late to shift your mindset and align your marketing for a unified experience and leverage advertising formats at every stage of your buyer’s journey – from awareness to consideration to conversion.

Automation Helps. 88% of marketers say that automation helps them free up time they’d spend on analyzing trends and preparing reports, according to Business Wire. In return, marketers find themselves with more time to device successful campaign strategies.

Personalize Everything. Today’s consumer expects a unique shopping experience tailored specifically to their unique needs and preferences. Utilize your website and email as a personalization tool to adapt content based on user interests.

Today’s Guest:

Olivia Rose

Paid Search Analyst

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