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Episode 16:
Tech & Trends for Brand Growth

Did you know that ecommerce sales will surpass $4 trillion in 2020?And that number is expected to balloon to $7 trillion by 2023. So how can brands stay ahead of competitors and grow in this new decade? Our hosts, Hallie Altman and Alex Wynn, discuss exactly that on this episode of Let’s Get Digital with Content Marketing Manager Dave Stone. The three review ROI Revolution’s 2020 Tech & Trends Brand Growth Guidebook and provide listeners a roadmap to understanding all of the innovations, trends, and technological advances reshaping online advertising in 2020 and beyond. Tune in to uncover:

  • Emerging AI and machine learning developments that boost conversion value by 30%
  • Practical video marketing strategies that increase engagement
  • The essential multi-channel approach to track consumer behavior

With digital sales growing over 6X faster than in-store sales, staying ahead of competitors and the emerging digital marketing technologies and trends is mandatory for brand success. This is certainly an episode you won’t want to miss. Let’s Get Digital tackles developments and hot topics in digital marketing, interviews subject matter experts, and offers best practice strategies and tactics for success. We’re always interested in what you guys want to hear from us. To submit a question or comment, write to us at Tune in next episode to remain in-the-know with all things digital marketing!

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Episode 16: Tech & Trends for Brand Growth

Key Takeaways:

Track Behavior. 17% of consumers browsing ecommerce sites for the first time have the intent to actually purchase. It’s important to look at different attribution models to get a holistic view of the consumer journey and how they’ve interacted with your brand before making a purchase. Having a multi-channel approach to track consumer behavior through the entire purchase funnel will be essential in 2020 and beyond.

Video Matters. 90% of consumers watch videos online at least once per week, and YouTube is still the second largest search engine. Marketers should leverage video marketing strategies to increase engagement on YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, and more.

Optimize for Mobile. If you haven’t optimized for mobile yet, you’re way behind. With 65% of all paid clicks occurring on Google from mobile, it’s crucial for brands to have ad copy and creative that works well on mobile devices.

Today’s Guest:

Dave Stone

Content Marketing Manager

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The 2020 Tech + Trends
Brand Growth Guidebook

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