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Episode 15:
Cyber 5 2019 – Results, Insights, and Trends

The biggest holiday shopping season of the year has come and gone. It’s time to report on the five-day shopping-intensive period spanning Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday and see just how digital performed. During this episode, our hosts Hallie Altman & Alex Wynn reflect on this year’s Cyber Week performance with Paid Search Team Lead, Erica Fairchild. Curious about the role automation played? How many feathers a turkey has? Or what tactics didn’t go quite as planned? Tune in to discover those takeaways and more as we cover topics from year-over-year trends, and omnichannel performance, to the different marketing & sales strategies employed for promotions & discounts. Plus with the season not over yet, and plenty of shopping still to be done, the three also discuss what to do for the remainder of the year to maintain success. Lastly, to wrap it up before a riveting quiz round, we cover the most important things you can already start doing to prepare for 2020.

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Episode 15: Cyber 5 2019 - Results, Insights, and Trends

Key Takeaways:

The Biggest Black Friday Ever. This year, Cyber Monday was the largest shopping day of all time in the U.S., bringing in $9.4B in digital sales for brands. Followed by Black Friday with $7.4B in digital sales, these were the biggest Black Friday results ever for digital sales and the largest-ever mobile shopping day.

Weekend Sales. This year, Saturday and Sunday of Cyber 5 performed exceptionally well. The growth rate of the Cyber 5 weekend outperformed the growth rate of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Mobile Money. Mobile orders generated 42 percent of totally revenue, serving as the primary source of revenue every day of Cyber 5 2019, except for Cyber Monday, when desktop beat out mobile.

Today’s Guest:

Erica Fairchild

Paid Search Team Lead

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