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Episode 13:
Cyber 5 Prep – Last Minute Tips for Success

Will the shorter timeline impact conversions? Can automation be fully trusted? Our hosts Hallie Altman and Alex Wynn bring you the answers and more, with special guest Amanda Gerard, a Paid Search Analyst at ROI Revolution. This week, the three experts cover a variety of topics including early preparation based on all of the changes that have occurred since last year, bid management, and the automation strategies you should leverage versus what should remain manual. Gerard discusses takeaways from the major Cyber Holiday successes she has already seen this year, as well as best practices for ad copy, Search vs. Shopping promotion, and seasonality adjustments. For brands whose products aren’t holiday-specific, the three have got you covered too, as they address tactics and strategies that can still be leveraged during the season.

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Episode 13: Cyber 5 Prep - Last Minute Tips for Success

Key Takeaways:

Leverage Smart Shopping. Utilize Smart Shopping to get the most coverage across all of Google, and to ensure bids will be set to maximize your conversion value. Be sure you give machine learning enough time to learn before the holiday season.

Get Ahead & Test. Plan as early as possible in order to employ the best strategies and test against last years performance for profitable success this year.

Design for Mobile. As consumers grow more and more comfortable with making purchases on their mobile phones, brands need to ensure their mobile experience is best-in-class. Leverage mobile bid adjustments to target on-the-go-shoppers, use square images, and think mobile-first by prioritizing storytelling to inspire viewers while also eliminating friction points like slow load times.

Today’s Guest:

Amanda Gerard

Paid Search Analyst

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