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Episode 11:
Seasonality Series – Part Three – Learning from Last Year

Final Thoughts & Tactics to Wrap Up Your Holiday Season Strategy. In the final episode of our seasonality series, Hallie Altman and Alex Wynn are joined by Sr. Paid Search Analyst, Alicia Tobey to discuss how brands can win at ecommerce this holiday season. The three dive into the account side of things to review lessons from the record-breaking 2018 holiday season that brands should keep in mind, as well as recent features that have been introduced this year that you can leverage to really boost sales. Elf you have questions about “must-do’s” for a successful season, or even what can go wrong that you should look out for, well we’ve got you covered there too. Lastly, as the gift that keeps giving, our experts also offer advice to account managers for a low-stress season, anticipated shifts from typical performance metrics, and when to implement strategies.Yule definitely be sorry if you miss this episode.

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Episode 11: Seasonality Series - Part 3 - Learning from Last Year

Key Takeaways:

Plan Early. The earlier you start, the better. As soon as August hits, you should consider planning so that you are ready to start implementing your strategies by mid-October.

Leverage Automation.Seasonality adjustment should help in cases where conversion rates increase massively. Additionally, consider leveraging ad scheduling and promo change-outs.

Non-Holiday Focused Strategies.Even if you are not a seasonal client, more people are on the internet looking for deals during this time. They may not be searching for certain products as gifts, but when they are online with their credit cards out, there is still an opportunity for them to buy.

Today’s Guest:

Alicia Tobey

Sr. Paid Search Analyst

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The 2019 Holiday Success Plan for Brands

The 2019 Holiday Success Plan for Brands

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