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Episode 10:
Seasonality Series – Part Two – Priorities & Individual Tactics

The Time Is Now: Are you Prepared for the Holiday Ecommerce Season? In part two of our Seasonality Series, Brennan & Alex are joined by Paid Search Team Lead, Mary Harrison to take an in-depth look at the holiday season from the client’s perspective. Tune in to discover out of the box strategies over the years, what preparation looks like now that automation is a major focus, and how the shift in dates this year will impact results. If you’re looking for top priorities to focus on ahead of cyber week as a business, as an advertiser who isn’t explicitly holiday promotion focused, or as the individual actually managing the accounts, this is definitely the part of the series you want to pay attention to.

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Episode 10: Seasonality Series - Part 2 - Priorities & Individual Tactics

Key Takeaways:

Ensure Feeds are Accurate.It’s critical that your product feeds are as accurate as possible before Cyber Week begins. Don’t make any adjustments during this time, especially regarding promotions, pricing, and availability.

Use Specific Creative. With so many consumers looking for a deal, your Black Friday marketing should use creative specific to your promotion and specific to the holiday season.

Promotions Matter. Promotions are still the biggest draw of Cyber Week. 71 percent of consumers prioritize special discounts over any other factor when choosing who to buy from. 95 percent of holiday shoppers say that price discounts are the most effective way to get them to shop with a new retailer.

Today’s Guest:

Mary Harrison

Paid Search Team Lead

Featured Resources:

The 2019 Holiday Success Plan for Brands

The 2019 Holiday Success Plan for Brands

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