Note: Urchin Web Analytics Software is discontinued. Sales ended March 28th, 2012.

Urchin Retirement

Standalone Urchin Support Plans Discontinued

With the retirement of Urchin Software on March 28th, 2012, we made the business decision to focus 100% on our core business of paid search management services, and so we have discontinued standalone Urchin hourly support sales.

Urchin Software Retirement

Urchin licenses are permanent, and existing users should be able to continue using the product unless or until their Urchin Software installation becomes unusable due to possible incompatible operating systems updates in the future. All of the available pertinent information about how the discontinuation will affect the software's functionality is covered on the Urchin FAQs. You may also consider joining the Urchin-Help Google Group for more information.

If you need to move your Urchin Software installation to a new machine, you'll need a replacement license activation key, which you can request by emailing your request to and include the Urchin Inspector output according to the following instructions.

ROI Revolution Urchin Clients

If you purchased your license or support from ROI Revolution in the past, please use our contact form and reference your purchase with your request.

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