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Google Analytics Support

An airtight website analytics implementation is essential to ROI-driven online advertising success. Our Google Analytics Engineers focus 100% of their time supporting our core paid search management service clients. All ROI Revolution paid search management clients enjoy a dedicated Google Analytics Engineer as part of their online advertising team.

Most Advertisers Aren't Getting the Right Data

Getting the data you want from an enterprise-class web analytics solution isn't easy. It's rare that we have a new client come to us with properly setup tracking and reporting. We love Google Analytics, but in working with our clients, we've seen common errors in tracking and attribution that can only be solved through custom script enhancements. We've bundled these enhancement within GATE (Google Analytics Tracking Enhancer), a custom JavaScript library we've developed which is in use by nearly all agency clients.

Our Google Analytics Pedigree

ROI Revolution invests heavily in data collection and use. We know that with the right data, we can provide industry leading results in paid search and display advertising. That's why ROI Revolution employs some of the top Google Analytics talent in the world to ensure the success of the online marketing efforts we manage for our clients. Our continued commitment to data-excellence is why ROI Revolution was handpicked by Google to be one of seven original Google Analytics consulting partners in August, 2005.

Google Analytics Innovation

Our Google Analytics Technicians are innovators. We were the first in the world to offer a complete Google Analytics training course online and one of the three charter Google Analytics Seminar Leaders. From invitations to speak at industry events to developing custom interface enhancements, to our Google Analytics URL Builder Tool, our analytics bench is strong. However complex the tracking requirements, those who work with us enjoy rock solid analytics implementations.

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