Proprietary Software Empowers Our Work

The ROI Technology Backbone

As a full-service agency known for our hands-on approach, new clients are understandably surprised by the level of sophistication in our technology. We actually employ one full-time technology engineer for every four analysts. This team of engineers works behind-the-scenes developing our proprietary EDGE application stack with tight API integrations for AdWords, Google Analytics, & Bing/Yahoo.

As part of our agency service, all ecommerce merchant clients get connected to our EDGE software via their Merchant Center feed. Connected campaigns become supercharged for profitability.

Some examples of built-in functionality:

  • Price changes on your website are automatically reflected in the ad text.
  • New products that are added to your inventory are flagged for new ad group creation in a SKU campaign.
  • Has an item gone out-of-stock? EDGE will see to it that you don't pay for unnecessary clicks by automatically pausing the unneeded ads.

The average client connected to EDGE experiences 1,000+ behind-the-scenes changes monthly under their ROI analyst's watchful eye. ROI magic occurs when you pair brilliant analysts with brilliantly developed tools. ROI Revolution clients enjoy the benefits of both.

We didn't take this technology investment lightly. Before committing to the thousands of man-hours (and counting) required to build a stable, production-level application, we demoed the best of existing full-featured software tools. Other agencies understandably go this route. While it would have been cheaper and more straightforward to license an out-of-the-box solution, it would have forced us to compromise our deeply ingrained philosophy to cater to the unique needs of each client. A bespoke solution gives us utmost flexibility to turn on a dime to ever-changing advertising conditions and client requirements.

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