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Call Tracking Analytics for Advertisers

Telephone orders are difficult to track within standard analytics packages, which is why many retailers ignore this channel altogether when deciding on their paid search ROI targets. Others take a shortcut and apply an adjustment factor across the board to all campaigns.

While this is a good start, if more than 25% of your sales come in over the phone, you need to be tracking the source of your inbound calls -- down to the keyword level. You'll likely find some campaigns or ad groups bring you a disproportionate number of phone orders. Without proper attribution, you'd be tempted to decrease these bids and thus lose valuable phone sales.

With Talk, ROI Revolution provides clients with powerful call tracking analytics to uncover these critical insights. Call recordings are also provided, which can be used to optimize your own internal processes. This additional level of tracking and analytics to "close the loop" is available at minimal additional cost for all clients. You just pay for the phone numbers and a per-minute rate for the inbound calls, which often total less than $50 per month.

Using this call tracking service is as simple as signing up and placing one line of code on your website. We can then set up tracking numbers and configure your account so that call data, and optionally phone sale data, are automatically available in your Google Analytics account as events and goals.

Here is a summary of the features:

  • Simple integration -- you just need to place one line of code on your site.
  • Google Analytics (and optionally AdWords) integration -- we can easily link the Talk account to one of your GA web properties. 
    • Events are sent to GA when a call happens with:
      • new vs. repeat caller
      • the source of the call
      • the length of the call in seconds.
    • Events can be set up to go to GA when a call is marked as a sale in Talk, along with the amount of the sale.
    • Either or both of these event types can be turned into goals in Google Analytics, and in turn imported into AdWords as conversions if you wish.
  • Call recordings
  • Real-time reports-- your CSRs can see calls as they come in, and you can see reports updated in real-time.
  • Unlimited users -- add as many CSRs and other employees as you like.
  • Support for tracking calls from multiple sources. It's not just for AdWords -- you can also use it for other paid search, organic, email marketing campaigns, even offline sources like print and TV.

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