PPC Management for Lead Generation

Paid Search Management with Top-Shelf Analytics to Accurately Attribute Sales Back to the Original Ad Click or Phone Call which Generated the Lead.

As long as you keep making new sales, it's tempting to minimize the importance of tracking the original source for each of your leads. But you know better. Marketing attribution data is critical when deciding which marketing channels to FEED and which to starve. Your sales will be more frequent and more profitable when you can track each of them back to the original bid, keyword, ad, and landing page that brought in the lead.

Managing accountable online advertising is orders of magnitude more complex for "delayed sale" businesses than traditional "shopping cart" e-retailers. We understand. We've managed search advertising for lead generation businesses spending over a half a million dollars per month in AdWords alone... and done so profitably!

Under our Lead Generation focused Paid Search Management Service, your dedicated team at ROI Revolution will work to increase your volume of qualified leads from search advertising, ensuring the subsequent sales are within your ROI targets.

Your Dedicated Team
  1. Your Strategy Manager directs the progress of your account based on your business goals.

  2. Your Web Analytics Engineer oversees the tracking of all the data for your site.

  3. Your PPC Analyst oversees the day-to-day implementation and continuous optimization of your PPC advertising program.

Complete "Done for You" PPC Campaign Management
  • Your Web Analytics Engineer sets up and configures your Google Analytics account and marries it with your backend data to ensure accurate ROI reporting at the most granular level possible.

  • We run your paid search campaigns from start to finish. This includes ongoing keyword research, competitive research, building out targeted campaigns and ad groups, split testing compelling ad text, setting and adjusting bids to ensure profitability, cutting wasteful spend, providing ongoing reporting, capitalizing on areas of growth and opportunity, and much more!

  • We continue to add additional online advertising sources (including remarketing, Facebook, Yahoo! and Bing) which convert profitably for you as long as it's within your budget.

  • We make daily use of a multitude of proprietary tools, developed in-house, to increase our management efficiency.

  • In addition to regular communication summarizing account performance, you'll receive a detailed month-end summary report including what we've done, how much we've spent, how many new leads were brought in, the sales volume generated, along with our plan for the next month.

  • You'll also have a scheduled strategy call with your PPC Team at least once a month to cover updates and discuss the direction of your unique account.

Pricing for Lead Generation PPC Management

Paid Search Management with Standard Analytics

Ad spend accountability for every lead.
If lead profitability is fairly predictable, our expert analysts will use advanced paid search techniques to bring you the most qualified leads possible at an agreed-upon target cost-per-lead. We've broken down our standard fee structure in the table below.

Your Ad Spend/Mo. Full-Service Management & Technology Fee
$150,000+ 9% of ad spend
$79,500 - $149,999 10% of ad spend
$25,000 - $79,499 12.5% of ad spend
$19,835 - $24,999 15% of ad spend
< $19,834 $2,975 monthly minimum
Paid Search Management with Analytics + BITS™

Treat offline conversions like online conversions.
If you want insight into which channels are driving the most qualified leads, BITS can be used to send information to analytics in order to fully track valuable offline conversions. Our analytics engineers can work with you to customize BITS specific to your website, back-end processes, and primary goals.

Your Ad Spend/Mo. Full-Service Management & Technology Fee
$250,000+ 9% of ad spend
$79,500 - $249,999 10% of ad spend
$25,000 - $79,499 12.5% of ad spend + $1,000
$16,500 - $24,999 15% of ad spend + $1,000
< $16,500 $3,475 monthly minimum
Paid Search Management with Advanced Analytics

Make ad spend accountable to back-end revenue.
Our analytics engineers work with your development team to coordinate a secure daily export of your anonymized billing records with original ad source meta-data, used in advanced analysis to ensure true profitability of all paid search campaigns.

Your Ad Spend/Mo. Full-Service Management & Technology Fee
$250,000+ 9% of ad spend
$79,500 - $249,999 10% of ad spend
< $79,500 $7,950 monthly minimum

Note: Our fees do not include any payments made to search engines.

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