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  • Best Practice Campaign Setup
  • Expertise in Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat
  • Audience Targeting to Maximize Reach
  • Click-worthy Ad Development and Testing
  • “Tech Savvy” Bidding and Budgeting

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As an ecommerce apparel business, social media is our bread and butter. Before we became a client, we had the content and growing followers, but we needed help monetizing them. ROI blew me away with their ability to target our audience with new customer acquisition and recurring orders. They consistently give us great returns and we couldn’t be happier!

Jess Ekstrom

Founder & CEO

Headbands of Hope


Facebook ads reach a massive audience of over 1 billion daily active users.  This captive audience spends nearly an hour a day across Facebook properties, 90% of which occurs on mobile devices.  Your customers, both current and future, are captive on Facebook and Instagram.

Many retailers, however, are still struggling to create a profitable Facebook/Instagram advertising strategy which meets their ecommerce goals.

One of the biggest pitfalls for retailers is how complex and secretive Facebook’s algorithm is, often making it difficult for advertisers to fully understand how to reach their target audience.

We understand that social media advertising is about more than just branding.

That’s why our campaigns are focused on all aspects of the sales funnel to drive conversions and grow your ecommerce business. We take the time to understand your business, products, and market in order to determine the individual approach required to achieve your business goals.

You can’t afford to be left behind here.  The ecommerce race is easier to win with the wind at your back.  Ecommerce momentum favors advertisers who are mastering Facebook.

Read through our results-focused process and methodology below, but be sure to take the very first (no obligation) step by requesting a Facebook Advertising Opportunity Review using the form above.

Our Process

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Mutual Fact Finding & Company Briefing

We want to know your business, and an informal call or web meeting is the first step.  We use this initial analysis to better understand each specific layer of your company, including:

  • Your company history and background
  • Your business and retail objectives
  • Your unique style/design needs
  • Your target audiences
  • Your estimated budget
  • Your monthly website shopping cart traffic

Opportunity Analysis & Assessment

We provide a complete audit of your existing creative strategy and Facebook ad campaigns to determine your overall trended performance and focus on finding missed areas of opportunities that can turn into quick, decisive wins.

  • Develop a Performance Social Recommendation Deck with budget allocations, key performance indicators (KPIs), and approach recommendations – all built around your desired business objectives.
  • Compile a new strategy that is focused on reaching all levels of the conversion funnel. We aren’t just working for brand awareness; we’re also focused on the mid- and lower-funnel touch points including prospecting, abandoner remarketing, and purchaser/loyalty remarketing.

In-Depth Service & Technology Onboarding

Our team of social media advertising experts will customize a strategy unique to your ecommerce business that focuses on leveraging the Facebook data that is hidden to most advertisers.

  • Complete customization of the Facebook tracking pixel for your campaigns to ensure proper attribution according to your ecommerce goals.
  • Setup of lookalike audiences based on your backend CRM and pixel tracking data, as well as interest-based and online audiences to improve brand awareness and improve ecommerce conversions.
  • Data cleansing and routine uploads of your CRM and primary data on Facebook.
  • Managing your custom audiences, including cart abandoners, visitors past a certain number of days, and general content viewers, all for retargeting and customer acquisition purposes.
  • Leveraging Facebook Insights and Google Ad Planner to understand what motivates your current audience. We analyze which segmenting dimensions are optimal for creating themed clusters of new, potential buyers.
  • Setting up existing customer audiences to re-connect and engage with loyalty-based promotions that encourage repeat purchases.

Campaign Analysis & Management

  • Procedural ad creation and optimization, all aimed at driving sales and increasing KPIs.
  • Segmenting campaign architecture, including naming conventions and aligning goals with overall strategy.
  • Promotional calendar intake and assessment, examining social messaging and engagement alongside non-social promotions.
  • Automated submissions from Product Feeds to Facebook, taking full advantage of Dynamic Ad targeting possibilities.
  • Weekly reporting check-ins at the ad set, campaign, and business objective-level. We provide insight into trended direction, advising the best course of action for a particular campaign.
  • Setting up A/B tests around images, copy, CTAs, audiences, bidding options, and placements for KPI optimization.

Strategy Review & Results Reporting

  • An active, routine vetting of Facebook features and new ad formats, determining if they will help or hinder your business objectives.
  • Consulting and coordinating with your unique brand voice and creative to determine proper ad placements.
  • Proactively shifting spend to effective campaigns through dynamic budget allocation, while iterating against campaigns that are less effective.
  • Conversing with our dedicated agency Facebook rep to determine relevant programs, new betas, and provide your account with backend support.

Behind-the-Scenes Technology

Proprietary, In-House Software Suite

The intense level of expertise we’ve developed in ecommerce digital marketing has been applied directly to our substantial, ongoing investment in technology.  Over 25,000 man hours in the last three years alone has gone into the development of our proprietary, API-driven software suite tailored to the particulars of ecommerce. This gives our analysts the speed and efficiency to perform laser-focused campaign reporting, build-outs, and optimizations across multiple ad formats, campaign types, and advertising platforms.

Pricing Structure
For Our Paid Social Services:

We manage accounts that spend from $5,000 per month to $750,000 per month or more. The table to the right breaks down our fee structure.

Interested in learning how we can help you reach your unique lead goals? Schedule a complimentary review above!

  • Your Ad Spend
    per Month
  • $750,000+
  • $400,000 - $749,999
  • $225,000 - $399,999
  • $175,000 - $224,999
  • $125,000 - $174,999
  • $75,000 - $124,999
  • $25,000 - $74,999
  • $19,835 - $24,999
  • Up to $19,834
  • Full Service Management and Technology Fee
  • 5% of Ad Spend
  • 6% of Ad Spend
  • 7% of Ad Spend
  • 8% of Ad Spend
  • 9% of Ad Spend
  • 10% of Ad Spend
  • 12.5% of Ad Spend
  • 15% of Ad Spend
  • $2,975/mo

Optional Services

Conversion-Focused Creative Design Packs

Ad imagery can make or break social campaign effectiveness. Though we can often achieve strong results by repurposing your existing brand and product images, campaigns underperform unless continuously testing new ad creative. For this reason, many clients choose to supercharge their ad engagement with our Conversion-Focused Creative Design Packs. Our in-house graphic design team works directly with our social media advertising analysts to create fresh, engaging images to attract your target buyers. Up to six custom, campaign-ready images are available for $975/mo.

Custom Ad Images for
Instagram & Facebook!

Optional Services

Product Feed Optimization

Given the data-hungry requirements of ecommerce digital marketing platforms, your shopping feed itself effectively becomes your advertising.  Even so, the complexities of shopping feed optimization keep many merchants from investing themselves beyond applying a few rule-based modifications to get their feed approved.  Yet there is much greater potential for growth if you’ve invested in high-level software and smart, technology-skilled analysts. Learn more about our Product Feed Optimization Service.