Google Shopping Campaign Management

Your Dedicated Team Brings Results.

Google Shopping has become integral to success in today’s online marketing world, but profitable placements can’t be achieved without solid strategy and execution. Available as a stand-alone service, or as part of our Full-Service Paid Search Management offering, our Google Shopping Campaign Managment service brings results.

ROI Revolution has focused immense amounts of time mastering different factors that make Google Shopping successful and effective. We’ve been monitoring this style of advertising since the days of Froogle, and started developing our campaign and feed strategies as soon as PLAs became available in Google AdWords. This has allowed us to formulate the perfect approach for today’s Google Shopping campaigns.

Over the last decade, we’ve become extremely proficient in ROI-driven online advertising for ecommerce merchants and retailers. Through a powerful combination of highly-responsive experts and robust, proprietary technology, we deliver the highest degree of attention to online advertising campaigns from start to finish for every client. Our process includes:

  • Shopping Feed Updates from Ongoing Keyword Research
  • Targeted Campaign and Ad Group Build Outs
  • Bid Setting and Adjustment
  • Competitive Research
  • Ongoing Reporting and Analysis
  • Proactive Assessments of Growth and Improvement Areas

And our dedicated team of software developers works hand in hand with our expert analysts to make sure we enhance, scale and automate key processes and tools the right way and at the right time on behalf of our clients.

With a winning combination of advanced tactics, best practices and robust tools, we equip our analysts with everything needed to deliver not just good, but great results for your Google Shopping campaigns.

Your Dedicated Team
  1. Your Strategy Manager directs the progress of your account based on your business goals.

  2. Your Web Analytics Engineer oversees the tracking of all the data for your site.

  3. Your Google Shopping Analyst oversees the day-to-day implementation and continuous optimization of your campaigns.

Pricing for Google Shopping Management
Percentage-Based Fees

We succeed when you succeed
We manage accounts spending from $10,000 per month to more than $500,000 per month. Google Shopping campaign management is included in our Paid Search Management service. For reference, the pricing structure is below.

Your Ad Spend/Mo. Full-Service Management + Technology Fee
$750,000+ 5% of ad spend
$400,000-$749,999 6% of ad spend
$225,000-$399,999 7% of ad spend
$175,000-$224,999 8% of ad spend
$125,000-$174,999 9% of ad spend
$75,000-$124,999 10% of ad spend
$25,000 - $74,999 12.5% of ad spend
$19,835 - $24,999 15% of ad spend
< $19,834 $2,975 monthly minimum
Have an additional web property you want us to manage?

We may be able to bundle your spend so you get more for your dollar.
For related business models, the billing rate will be determined based on your combined monthly ad spend across all properties. We require a minimum monthly fee of $2,975 to manage your primary spending account; additionally, there is a minimum monthly fee of $1,000 for each of your add-on web properties.
*To qualify for this billing method, we need the same point of contact for all sites.

Note: Our fees do not include any payments made to Google.

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