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5 Paid Search Strategies for Capitalizing on Buyer Intent

Understanding a searcher’s intent can mean the difference between a wasted impression and a profitable click.

Web Clinics & Replays

Create Repeat Buyers from First Time Shoppers

Now is your best opportunity to acquire the customers that will power your business, January through October. Learn how you can leverage holiday shoppers to create loyal customers year-round.

Google's Mobile Ad Changes: What They Mean to You

With deep analysis based on $300MM in ecommerce ad spend, Danielle Teibel and Google’s Eoin Banahan will laser in on need-to-know trends and tools to succeed in a mobile-first world.

4 Seller Secrets from Amazon Veterans

Hear directly from Amazon on 4 seller secrets that veteran marketplace sellers use to profit on Amazon.

5 Strategies to Kickstart Your Holiday Planning

Learn never-before released benchmark data from Bing Ads and 5 strategies for making the most of the Q4 holiday season.

4 Strategies to Double Your Mobile Traffic & Conversions

Learn the 4 key mobile strategies to build sustainable, profitable mobile advertising performance.

4 Key Facebook Ad Strategies for Ecommerce

ROI Revolution’s social media expert, Erin Ewasyshyn, will share 4 strategies her team uses to accelerate traffic and purchases on Facebook.

From Click to Call: Paid Search Strategies to Improve Phone Sales

Your paid search decisions are only as good as the data you use. Without sufficient conversion data, even the savviest account manager may decrease bids and cut the keywords that bring in the bulk of your phone sales.

Trick or Treat 2015: How to Profit from the Year's Biggest Paid Search Changes

Paid search has experienced several seismic shifts this year. Do you know how these changes are impacting your business? Do you have a plan for not only maintaining profitable search traffic but improving it, in spite of the shifting trends?

Planning for Holiday Success

Learn the reports and strategies that are critical for paid search success this holiday season.

Avoid a Google Shopping Disaster

Two of our expert account managers who have had to unwind Google Shopping management mishaps, mistakes, and outright disasters share 3 cold, hard truths about automation.

Preventing a Paid Search Traffic Crash

Danielle Miller, a seasoned strategy manager at ROI Revolution, who has been working with select clients on Yahoo Gemini since the initial announcements will share everything she's learned with you.

5 Tips to Boost Your Remarketing Efforts

We share 5 critical remarketing strategies that go beyond the basics and provide you with highly-targeted tools for success.

Cracking the Bing Product Ads Code

We show you proven shortcuts and strategies to quickly grow your paid search revenue through Bing Product Ads.

Google Shopping Defaults That Kill Profitability

We show you how to go beyond the "set it and forget it" mentality that's causing retailers to lose money in Google Shopping.

Solving the Amazon Product Ads Puzzle

Our product feed team lead, Mike Ewasyshyn, delves into the world of Amazon Product Ads to give you his strategies for gaining the highest possible ROI on this platform.

3 Paid Search Headlines You Can't Afford to Ignore

Justin D'Angelo, Director of Paid Search, takes some time to discuss recent news from Yahoo, Bing, and Google that is industry changing.

Google Shopping Success in 2015

Join the ROI Revolution team as we give you our secrets to success in managing Google Shopping campaigns.

8 Product Feed Upgrades That Drive New Revenue

Product feed veteran Lauren Hawkesworth and paid search team leader Mark Curtis share some of the top tricks and tools theyuses to gain new revenue.

How to Safeguard Against Ad Spend Disasters

We present you with 10 key areas in an account that tend to lead to disaster, and what to do about them.

Crucial Spring Cleaning for AdWords

Let us guide you through the process of giving your account a good spring cleaning in order to locate and eliminate waste in your account, and streamline your strategy for a good return on investment the rest of the year.

Maximizing Promotional Sales in AdWords

We reveal how to deliver bullet-proof promotions with minimal effort to net the best ROI for your time and focus.

Mastering Paid Search Automation

We're providing you with a web clinic that gives you a look behind the curtain of your automation options.

Raising ROI in Q1 with Bing

An executive-level look at exactly what the changing Bing search trends mean for ecommerce retailers, and what your team needs to know to come out on top.

The New PPC Strategy Map for 2015

This strategy has helped us ensure record-breaking results for our clients, so we're sharing it now in hopes that it will help you too.

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