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If you’re currently spending money on Google AdWords, then you’re likely making many common mistakes that are erasing thousands of dollars in profits. Between choosing the right keywords and bids, writing ads, structuring your account, and interpreting data, it’s easy for important details to slip through the cracks. We've created these free resources to help you identify problem areas and opportunities for growth in your account quickly and effectively.

Setting Ecommerce Marketing Goals

How much should you spend to make a sale? A maldefined marketing goal can crush your profit and constrain your opportunities.

The 2016 Mobile-First Ecommerce Manifesto

Exploit the Rising Opportunities with Amazon Sponsored Products, Facebook Ads, & Google Shopping

The AdWords Advertiser’s Guide to Amazon Sponsored Products

Download this report now to shortcut your path to profit on Amazon.

2016 Mobile First Ecommerce Report

Download this report now to advance your mobile footing in a post-desktop world.

The 2016 Ecommerce Paid Search Report

Download the 2016 Ecommerce Paid Search Report to remain at the top of your game throughout 2016.

Getting Started with Facebook: 4 Critical Tips for Success

Download this free report to achieve better customer engagement and boost revenue using Facebook.

Facebook Ads for Ecommerce: 4 Essential Strategies to Drive Sales

Download this free report to drive more sales through Facebook in 2016.

5 Underutilized Developments in Ecommerce Digital Marketing

Download this free report to gain your competitive advantage going into 2016.

Google Shopping Default Settings that Kill Retailer Profitability

This report asks 6 crucial questions that will help you to maximize profitability in your Google Shopping account.

Five 5-Minute Fixes to Increase AdWords ROI

This report details five of the simplest, 5-minute fixes you can make in your account today, to get the best ROI for both your ad dollars and your management time.

The Guide to Decluttering AdWords

This report will guide you through the process of giving your account a good spring cleaning, in order to locate and eliminate waste in your account, and streamline your strategy for a good return on investment the rest of the year.

Dramatically Improve Your Google Shopping Results with Better Attributes

This exclusive report from ROI Revolution provides the exact strategies to make Google love your feed—and reward you with more traffic & more sales.

What You Need to Know About the New Yahoo/Bing Deal

Learn what the industry-changing new Yahoo/Bing deal means for your business - and what you need to do about it.

Diagnose Questionable Spend

A quick reference guide to the top 3 reports that help retailers assess the health of their AdWords campaigns and diagnose wasted spend.

Winning with Early Adoption

Our time-tested strategy for insuring record-breaking results for our clients (that we find a shockingly small percentage of people actually follow).

Executive Guide to Raising ROI with Bing

This timely executive report delves into the changing trends in Bing, and what your team needs to know to navigate successfully through changing search trends.

What You Need to Know to Win at Paid Search Automation

This report will give you a look behind the curtain of your automation options, as well as a plan for how you should proceed to ensure you have the right mix of skilled analyst and tools to really compete in 2015.

8 Advanced Secrets

This special report uncovers the top 8 paid search strategies profitable ecommerce retailers are using to win at paid search again and again.

AdWords Default Settings That Kill Retailer Profitability

The key to increasing profitability lies beyond the settings which Google recommends. Most AdWords accounts can gain 20% efficiency with the right account management tactics.

Forgotten AdWords Ad Essentials: How many are you missing?

Great ads are vital, which is why a regular PPC ad checkup is crucial. To beat the competition, you need better ads.

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