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If you’re currently spending money on Google AdWords, then you’re likely making many common mistakes that are erasing thousands of dollars in profits. Between choosing the right keywords and bids, writing ads, structuring your account, and interpreting data, it’s easy for important details to slip through the cracks. We've created these free resources to help you identify problem areas and opportunities for growth in your account quickly and effectively.

AdWords Default Settings That Kill Retailer Profitability

The key to increasing profitability lies beyond the settings which Google recommends. Most AdWords accounts can gain 20% efficiency with the right account management tactics.

Enhanced Display Campaigns: 5 Bidding Secrets for Retailers to Finally Thrive with Display Advertising

Our newest report explores the changes in enhanced display campaigns, plus 5 bidding secrets for retailers to finally thrive with display advertising.

10 Tips for Optimizing Enhanced Campaigns

Our top 10 tips in this report for optimizing Enhanced Campaigns will make you smart & prepared.

Forgotten AdWords Ad Essentials: How many are you missing?

Great ads are vital, which is why a regular PPC ad checkup is crucial. To beat the competition, you need better ads.

New AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: Smart Retailer's Guide to Opportunities & Dangers of New Forced-Upgrade Mobile-Enhanced Campaigns in AdWords

Retailers will get burned who don't understand & roll out Enhanced Campaigns before Google's forced-upgrade kicks-in.

AdWords 2013 for Retailers: 4 Strategies to Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever with Paid Search

Growing trends within the digital marketing space have increased the complexity of success in 2013.

5 Secrets to Nail Google Shopping for Holiday 2012

Retailers with specific Google Shopping preparation will rise as winners during holiday 2012.

Bing Ads vs. AdWords for Retailers: How to Overcome Your Yahoo! Bing Network Neglect

Compared with Google AdWords, this special report highlights some major differences you need to understand in order to overcome your Yahoo! Bing Network neglect.

Retail Advertising Accelerant: Top 10 Strategies that Turn Remarketing into Ecommerce Rocket-Fuel

Poor ROI has brought many a frustrated marketer to hit the display advertising kill switch... except for remarketing! Remarketing, done right, can accelerate all marketing efforts.

Google Shopping Supremacy Secret: The 3 Hidden Advantages Given to Google Trusted Stores

The Google Trusted Stores designation is core to success with the new Google Shopping -- for both Google and retailers alike. To succeed with Google Shopping, all retailers must seriously consider joining the program.

Google Product Search Extinction: The Proactive Retailers Guide to Navigating the Google Shopping Shift

On May 31, 2012, Google announced a game changing move in how retailers will use the search engine giant to generate sales. Download your free copy of this special report to position your business to succeed with the new Google Shopping!

Widespread AdWords Atrophy: Discover The Top 3 PPC Failure Points & Their Proven Remedies

While there's seldom one quick fix that will completely turn around your AdWords campaigns, this report contains proven remedies for the top 3 PPC failure points.

Automatic AdWords Expansion: 2 Fresh Strategies for Online Retailers to Bypass Keywords & Gain More Paid Search Traffic from AdWords

Two powerful expansion opportunities now exist for online retailers to grow their paid traffic volume on AdWords without increasing their keyword count or bids.

Google+ Pages = AdWords Amplifier: Executive Guide to Making Your Google+ Business Page Supercharge Your AdWords Performance

Google continues to go full throttle in their rollout of the Google+ platform. The release of Google+ Pages ties the connection directly back to AdWords.

AdWords Mobile Invasion: Top 5 "Do-This-Now" Actions for Mobile PPC Success

The invasion of smartphones isn't relenting... there's been a 60% growth in smartphone sales in the past year alone. Mobile PPC advertising requires distinct optimizations that online retailers ignore at their own peril.

Remarketing Killers: 5 Common Mistakes That Will Squander Your Remarketing Potential

You're doing well if even 4% of your visitors make a purchase before leaving your site. With remarketing, you'll still have access to the other 96% of site traffic.

Paid Search Saboteur: 5 Questions To Determine if Your Website is Crippling Your PPC Success

The biggest battle in paid search the place you will gain your biggest competitive edge often has nothing to do with advertising. This special report addresses the five primary questions you should ask to determine whether or not your website is crippling your opportunity for PPC success.

Paid Search Complacency: 5 Questions for Ecommerce Executives Contemplating a Switch from In-House to Agency Management

Through our conversations with retailers considering a switch, we've discovered some common themes that reveal when paid search campaigns are in need of expert outside attention. At least one of the five questions (and answers) contained in this special report should draw out a change for the better with your paid search program.

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