Trick or Treat 2015

How to Profit from the Year's Biggest Paid Search Changes

Paid search has experienced several seismic shifts this year. From the new search deals between Yahoo, Bing, and Google to the advent of Windows 10 and more, the landscape is rapidly changing (for better or worse).

Do you know how these changes are impacting your business? Do you have a plan for not only maintaining profitable search traffic but improving it, in spite of the shifting trends?

Tomorrow, strategy manager Ellyn Henderson will deliver the need-to-know details on the major changes of 2015 - as well as her expert recommendations.

You'll learn....

  • What you can gain by adopting Google's upcoming "Buy Now" button as early as possible.
  • The best ways to secure your traffic and revenue after Yahoo's confusing series of search deals.
  • Potential traffic sources to replace the loss of Amazon's Product Ads and Text Ads.
  • Key statistics and early predictions on the paid search impact from Windows 10 and

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