Solving the Amazon Product Ads Puzzle

Strategies for tapping into the enormous opportunities of Amazon Product Ads & the eBay Commerce Network

Amazon is a controversial topic in the ecommerce world, we get it.

This retail giant continues to dominate the ecommerce world, and forces many retailers to sell through their marketplace just to get sales.

But love Amazon or hate them, Amazon Product Ads is a different animal - and opens a world of opportunity to independent online retailers.

Offering a high-traffic channel and guaranteed buyer intent on the Internet's most popular shopping site, Amazon Product Ads provides great exposure with an efficient pay-per-click, feed-based system.

Join ROI Revolution in this on-demand webinar as our product feed team lead, Mike Ewasyshyn, delves into the world of Amazon Product Ads to give you his strategies for gaining the highest possible ROI on this platform.

In this free webinar, you will learn specific product feed strategies for success on Amazon Product Ads, including:

  • Why you're hurting your results if you simply submit your Google feed to Amazon - and step-by-step instructions on how to optimize your feed for Amazon Product Ads.
  • How you can use lesser-known features like "link macros" and "bid cards" to dramatically boost results.
  • Common traffic traps like "category bidding" - and how to keep them from stealing traffic away from your top-performing products.
  • Which reports will give you the best data - and how you can use them to optimize your product categories.
  • BONUS: how to take these strategies and apply them to eBay Product Ads for additional success.

Whether you're new to Amazon Product Ads or want to see improvement in your existing campaigns, we promise you will learn a lot from Mike and his expertise with this platform.

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