5 Tips to Boost Your Remarketing Efforts

Advanced Strategies for Increasing Conversions

Recapture lost sales and stop letting conversions slip through your fingers!

It happens far too often: a shopper finds you through Adwords, maybe they put something in their cart or engage with you in some other way... but then, for whatever reason, they leave.

The good news is you can recapture many of these lost opportunities through remarketing tools and tricks. But make no mistake -- not all remarketing tactics are created equal. In fact, a one size fits all approach is the last thing you should be using.

We've worked with many retailers who have seen dramatic growth through smarter remarketing strategies, which combine advancements in retargeting technology and shopper psychology.

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  • Creative ways to segment your audience for ideal targeting and maximum profitable exposure.
  • The best ways to customize your ad creative based on your retargeting audience.
  • ROI-boosting bidding strategies based on time and segment.
  • The most fruitful timeframes for reaching shopping cart abandoners - and how to capitalize on them.
  • The latest remarketing tools and upgrades available for Google, and the most efficient ways to use them.

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