How to Upgrade Your Product Feed So It's Loved by Google Bots and Buyers Alike

When it comes to product feeds, you must master two elements to really succeed.

First, your feed data must be optimized at the technical level, to ensure the search engine's bots are displaying your product ads for every relevant search query.

Robots overlook feeds that don't contain vital information and skimp on additional values.

But your feed also needs to be conversion focused. This gives your ads the competitive edge they need to gain the buyer's interest and beat out a dozen other PLAs to win the purchase.

Buyers overlook ads that aren't competitive and compelling.

If you don't satisfy the robots, you won't show up. If you don't satisfy the shoppers, you won't get clicks.

Product feed veteran Lauren Hawkesworth, joins us to show you how you can make 8 product feed upgrades that will not only please both bots and buyers, but will also help you drive new revenue through Google Shopping, Amazon PLAs, and popular CSEs.

Lauren will share some of the top tricks and tools she uses to gain new revenue, like:

  • The secret to scoring high in Google's "mystery" product feed Quality Score.
  • 5 optional feed attributes that most people ignore - but that you shouldn't, due to their big potential for increased search visibility.
  • Exactly what you need in order to create optimized product images that stand out in the search results.
  • The clever way you can use MSRP and retail price data to create a sales listing in top CSEs like Shopzilla and Nextag - without actually running a site sale.
  • The formula we use to create product titles and descriptions that both shoppers and site crawlers will love.
  • Why recycling manufacturer data is a bad idea - and the most efficient way to write unique product content that converts better.
  • How sales tax-free retailers can win more conversions in Google Shopping's comparison box.

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