Google Shopping Success in 2015

6 Proven Tactics to Scale Google Shopping Revenue

Even months after the inital update, Google Shopping Campaigns remain something of a mystery to many retailers, who don't have the time or resources to devote to finetuning this new model.

Ultimately, Google Shopping success starts with the product feed. But once you have some core functionalities and optimizations in place at the feed level, it's time to turn your attention to the Google Shopping campaign settings.

While Google Shopping may not be keyword-driven like AdWords, there is still a lot you can do to customize and target your campaigns to hit your ideal results. Those tactics are what we're going to be covering on this week's retailer webinar.

Recently, we covered 8 of the top feed upgrades you can make for improved revenue, now, we take it a step further and give you our secrets to success in managing Google Shopping campaigns.

Topics will include vital Google Shopping best practices, like:

  • Setting up flexible campaign structures that allow you to maximize profits at each product level.
  • The secret way to make sure your product ads are showing for your top AdWords keywords.
  • Leveraging competitive insights to understand and optimize your place in the competitive search landscape.
  • The rarely-used (but highly effective!) custom targeting options within AdWords.
  • How to create significant revenue spikes in paid search during your promotional sales.

Watch Google Shopping Success in 2015 now and learn proven routes to scaling your paid search revenue through Google Shopping.

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