Google Shopping Defaults That Kill Profitability

How to Transform Restrictive Settings into Scalable Opportunities for Growth

Believe it or not, most retailers have only just begun to tap the potential of Google Shopping.

Product ad performance is still strong, and growing fast. As of the close of Q1 2015, click growth from product ads grew +19% in Google, while text ads grew only 2%.

The fact is this: Google Shopping offers prime search engine real estate you cannot afford to ignore. But what many advertisers don't realize is that the key to increasing profitability in Google Shopping lies beyond the settings Google recommends.

In fact, from what we've seen, if you've never really delved into the settings and structure of your Google Shopping account, you're likely leaving a lot of money on the table - both in terms of opportunities lost and ad dollars wasted.

Join ROI Revolution as we show you how to go beyond the "set it and forget it" mentality that's causing retailers to lose money in Google Shopping. Learn expert management strategies to improve your account efficiency and profitability, like:

  • The #1 Google Shopping mistake many retailers are making. (Hint: it's not what you think.)
  • Quick adjustments to your mobile settings that will scale the profitability of your mobile visitors.
  • How and where to re-invest your wasted spend and take advantage of your peak "profit zones."
  • A little-used enhancement to default campaign targeting that will attract more traffic in better-performing locations.
  • The secret way to make sure your product ads are showing for your top AdWords keywords.

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