Retailer On-Demand Web Clinic:
Maximizing Promotional Sales in AdWords

How Successful Retailers Deliver Bullet-Proof Promos with Minimal Effort

Managing retail promotions can be painful. Don't let AdWords make it worse.

You probably know you're missing out on a great source of revenue if you don't promote your sales and coupons via AdWords.

But many retailers find it too much of a hassle, and either avoid promotions on AdWords altogether, or put in mediocre efforts that end up backfiring.

The good news is, it is possible to deliver bullet-proof promotions with minimal effort to net the best ROI for your time and focus.

This web clinic will detail the top six tricks and tools at your disposal for managing promotions effectively in paid search.

Watch now and learn how to:

  • Shave hours off your weekly AdWords promotional workflows.
  • Identify the newest opportunities for increasing profitability with promotions.
  • Automate promotional ad updates for flawless and timely execution.
  • Prevent common mistakes that hinder sales.

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